The Book of 1 Thessalonians Bible Study Chapter 4 Part 3

Our last reading in chapter 4: 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
v13: Ignorant: Against knowing. Paul is giving them knowledge, revealing or defining things
for them, so that they are not unaware of these things.
• Have no hope: Biblical hope removes that hopeless grief or sorrow in regard to
death (death is the separation of the soul from the body). We know death is not the
end. It is a transition. Those in the world who do not believe in the resurrection, or
the promises of G-d, grieve because of death. They do not have hope because they
do not know the promises of G-d.
v14: Died and rose: The emphasis here is not on death but is on the resurrection.
• Will bring with Him: This has significant implications. When Yeshua returns to earth
for His second coming all those who have died and who have believed in Him (as
well as those whose bodies have been changed in the rapture – 1 Cor 15: 51-55) are
going to come back to earth to rule and reign with Him – in their glorified bodies.
• Sleep in Yeshua: They’ve died in Yeshua.
Note: Death prior to the resurrection and death after the resurrection had two very
different outcomes. Those who died before the resurrection (those who believed and those
who didn’t) all went to Sheol – some to Abraham’s bosom and some to Gehenom
(Hades/Hell) respectively. When Yeshua died, He descended into this place, into Sheol, and
He proclaimed to those that were in prison (1 Peter 3:18-20). He then also went to
Abraham’s bosom (Paradise) and freed those who believed in the coming of the Messiah, in
the promises of G-d (Eph 4:8-10). After Yeshua’s resurrection and ascension, we see a
change. Although hell still exists, paradise (Abraham’s bosom) no longer exists as there is no
longer any need for it. When we die in the faith now, even though our bodies decompose in
the ground, our souls are immediately with G-d in heaven (2 Cor 5:8).
v15: By the Word of the L-rd: Like all other Scripture, this is direct revelation.
• We who are alive: The believers who are still living at the time of this event – i.e at
the time of the rapture.
• Remain: literally the word “to hang around” or “lying about”. There are going to be
believers, at that time, who are going to still be hanging around in this world, still
alive – having never died.
• The coming of the L-rd: This is speaking about the rapture and not about His second
• Will (not) precede those who are asleep: The bodies of those who are alive at the
rapture will not be caught up before the bodies of those who died prior to the
rapture (This is only referring to the dead or alive bodies of believers). The souls of
those believers who died prior to the rapture are already with the L-rd (as discussed
above), so these souls will rejoin their changed bodies at the time of the rapture. All
bodies (dead or alive) will be changed at this time – 1 Cor 15:51-54
v16: The L-rd Himself: Yeshua
• Descend with a shout: This is literally the word for a loud command. When it is time
for the rapture, G-d the Father will give the command for Yeshua to fetch His bride.
• The dead in Messiah will rise first: Their bodies will rise first (not their souls – as
their souls are already in heaven). There are many kinds of bodies (fish, animal,
celestial etc). Each body is perfectly designed for its environment. We are going to
receive heavenly or Kingdom bodies – bodies perfect for the Kingdom environment.
v17: Alive and remain: literally – the ones who are “hanging around” (still alive on this earth
at that time).
• Caught up: Quickly snatched away. Raptured. We are going to be removed from this
earth before the wrath of G-d falls on it (in the form of the trumpet and bowl
judgements). G-d does not keep and sustain the believers through His wrath – that
is a false teaching. Although we are going to go through the tribulation, we are
removed before His wrath falls (1 Thess 5:9).
• Meet the L-rd: This is not a verb. This is not some casual, chance encounter. The
word ‘meet’ is in noun form. This is a meeting that has been designed and planned.
All believers from all times are going to be transformed in the air!
• Air: Implies sky.
• Always be with the L-rd: This is the emphasis.
v18: Comfort: Encourage one another with the blessed hope, the rapture. This is a
commandment. We have a hope, a wonderful, blessed hope, that we will be removed from
this world prior to the wrath of G-d. We never have to live with a fear of G-d’s wrath (His
discipline is entirely different to His wrath).

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