The Book of 1 Thessalonians Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 1

We end off this week with 1 Thessalonians 5:1-4
This chapter places an emphasis on the last days, the end times. Paul gives us some very
significant information regarding what we need to know and how we are called to live in
those times. Knowledge should change our behaviour. The more we know the Word of G-d
the more our lives should be transformed into fulfilling the expectations that He has for our
v1: Times and the seasons: Both written in the plural. This should serve to remind us that
there are going to be (multiple) stages to the last days. The last days have different stages to
them. If we’re not aware of them (if we are not watching for them) we’re in disobedience.
As we watch and see things happening, as prophesied, we can grow in faithfulness, in our
commitment and in our understanding that what G-d has said is indeed true – we will see it
taking place before our very eyes.
• Brethren: Brothers and sisters. An inclusive term.
• No need that I should write to you: Why not? Because it’s already been written
down – by the prophets. If we’re not studying prophecy, we are also in
disobedience. We need to know what the prophets reveal concerning the last days.
v2: Perfectly: Very well, clearly, completely.
• Day of the L-rd: This is NOT speaking about the rapture (which is referred to as “the
day of Messiah”), but is speaking about the day of judgment, a day of His wrath.
There are only a few places in the New Testament where this term “the day of the Lrd” appears. This is one of those places. This is NOT a day for believers but is the day
for the enemies of G-d.
• As a thief in the night: This is not how the L-rd comes for believers, those who are
waiting and watching for Him (see Luke 12:35-48). For the world, He’s coming as a
thief in the night.
v3: Safety: Security. They are going to say this in the midst of the antichrist empire. This
time is going to be one of great instability. One of the primary sources of this instability is
going to be due to Iran (Persia). Iran is going to expand even more so before Daniel’s 70th
week, and they are going to bring about great instability in this world (see Daniel 8). The
antichrist (from Greece/Europe – that ‘goat’ empire in Dan 8) is going to put down/defeat
this Iranian empire. This antichrist from Europe is going to bring a time of peace and security
(safety and prosperity) to the world.
• Destruction: When they are proclaiming ‘peace and safety’ suddenly a sudden
catastrophe is going to occur.
• Labour pains (birth pains): Shorter and shorter periods of comfort and more severe
periods of pain as the time to the birth approaches. These pains have a purpose to
them. They are a warning system designed to warn the pregnant woman that she is
in a transition and something new is about to happen. These labour pains are going
to bring about a new reality – Yeshua is going to establish His Kingdom on earth for
His 1000-year reign!
• They shall not escape: These birth pains are coming, and no one will not feel the
‘pinch’ (effect) of them.
v4: But you brethren…: There is a distinction/contrast between believers and the world.
• A thief: A thief comes secretly. He doesn’t announce himself. For those of the world
(those who live in darkness) the day of the L-rd is going to be a surprise. As believers
we won’t experience the day of the L-rd as we are not designated for that time
period. G-d has promised to remove us prior to this day, prior to the outpouring of
His wrath. We live in light, so this day is not going to overcome us. We are not going
to be here in this world for it when it comes!

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