The Book of 1 Thessalonians Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 2

We begin this week with 1 Thessalonians 5:5-11
v5: Sons of light: As believers we are not like those who are ‘sons of darkness’. Those in
darkness work secretively, under cover of darkness. This is not us. Our deeds are not hidden
but they are exposed. We have nothing to hide. We are a transparent people – open and
willing to share/testify. We are people of truth.
• We are not of the night: Those in darkness (those of the night) are going to
experience the Day of the L-rd. That day will come upon them as a thief in the night.
This day will NEVER come as a thief in the night to believers. It is a day that has
nothing to do with us. We will already be out of here before this day comes. It is
false to teach believers that Yeshua will ‘come as a thief in the night’ for them. This
is only a true statement for unbelievers (Rev 3:2-3 – this is a verse in regard to those
who are living unrepentant lives, not in regard to someone who truly knows Yeshua)
v6: Let us not sleep: We must not be unresponsive and ignore what is taking place in the
• Others: Meaning the rest (those who are in darkness)
• Let us watch: We have been called to watch (to be alert, almost like a military term
– on guard) for the prophetic signs that point to the fact that we are in the last days
and that our blessed hope (the rapture) is approaching. There are many at this point
in time who are teaching that the rapture will happen imminently – ie that it could
happen at any time now. This is a false teaching. There are some things that still
have to be fulfilled before the rapture can take place (eg. There needs to be a
functioning temple – or, at least, a Holy of Holies – in Jerusalem, and the antichrist is
revealed before the rapture takes place. Neither of these have been fulfilled as yet).
Just because we don’t know the day or the hour does not mean that it can happen
at any time – that is a false conclusion.
• Sober: To operate and behave (function properly) with knowledge, with truth. We
believe G-d’s revelation; therefore, we act in light of it. Soberness is being able to
discern truth – knowing what knowledge to put into practice in any giving situation.
v7: Sleep: Unresponsive. Don’t know what is going on around them.
• Drunk: Being influenced in a way that makes it impossible to function properly.
When people are under the influence of alcohol, they cannot perceive things
correctly. It affects their ability to respond, and even to know how to respond.
Alcohol is also able to deceive you – you see things that aren’t there, or you don’t
see things that are there. People who are under the influence are not alert and
neither can they watch properly. We are not to be like this.
v8: But (let us): In contrast to. There’s a difference between those who are watching and
those who aren’t, those who are in darkness and those who are in the light.
• Be sober: We can respond properly. We can discern and know what to do because
we’re of the day.
• Putting on: We need to clothe ourselves. This is a word of preparation.
• Breastplate of faith and love: The breastplate is for defence. It is something that
protects us. We need protection at this time (of the end), as the believers are going
to be under attack. Persecution is coming.
• Hope of salvation: G-d’s promise of a future victory. This is not speaking about the
salvation of our souls (we cannot earn this salvation as it is a gift from G-d) but is
speaking about our future salvation – being saved (being raptured) out of the
terrible situation the world is going to find itself in at the end (secondary aspect of
salvation). If we (those who have been saved through the blood of Yeshua – He has
paid for us) persevere to the end (Matt 24:13) we have a future salvation, a victory
to look forward to, a rescue. This hope of salvation is here to encourage us to keep
on going, to endure the things we are going to endure as we have a hope of rescue
(our blessed hope – the rapture) – the outcome of salvation ie that Kingdom
experience. The hope of salvation is remaining hopeful, believing, being
passionately committed to Kingdom truth.
v9: G-d did NOT appoint us to wrath: If we have received the good news of the gospel (that
Yeshua is our L-rd, that He died for our sins so that we could experience G-d’s mercy,
forgiveness and grace) then we can have absolute assurance that we will not experience Gd’s wrath. Before the trumpet and bowl judgements (spoken of in Revelation) – which are
the outpouring of G-d’s wrath on this earth – G-d is going to remove us (rapture us) from
this earth. The seals are not G-d’s wrath. They are what make up the tribulation which we,
as believers, are going to need to go through in the last days.
• To obtain salvation: This is NOT speaking about our eternal salvation but is speaking
about the Kingdom promises – not just being in the Kingdom, but experiencing the
goodness, the blessing, the promises of the Kingdom. This is the hope that we have.
• Through our L-rd Messiah Yeshua: Yeshua is the only way for eternal salvation, and
the only way for us to be saved from (rescued out of) those final days of wrath (Acts
v10: Who died for us: Yeshua is the only One who has done this. He died on Passover. A
festival of redemption. His death brought about our freedom – freedom from the
punishment and the authority of sin in our lives.
• Wake: This word relates to the night watch, being watchful, being vigilant. The
implication is this: if we are alive and if we are a true believer we are going to be
watching. We need to know prophetic truth so that we can know what we are
watching for. We watch for prophetic signs, prophetic indicators, concerning the
approaching of that day of Messiah. As we see these prophetic things taking place,
they are going to help in building our faith. We are going to know that what G-d has
said is true which will lead us to grow in our commitment and passion for the things
of G-d
• Sleep: Having died
• Together with him: This is a redemptive term. To be WITH G-d is only possible
through redemption.
v11: Comfort: Rightly understanding truth concerning the last days gives us comfort. When
we know what is happening (in the last days) and when we share this with others it provides
comfort to us and to others.
• Edify one another: Build one another up. Speaking about the last days helps to make
us spiritually strong.
• Just as you also are doing: Paul was pleased with this congregation in Thessaloniki.
He was pleased with them because they had a G-dly testimony – that of loving this
congregation (1 Thess 4:9)

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