The Book of 1 Thessalonians Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 5

We conclude 1 Thessalonians by reading 1 Thessalonians 5:23-28
v23: G-d of Peace: An outcome/fruit of being in the will of G-d is that we experience peace.
When we have faith (it is by grace through faith that we are saved – Eph 2:8-9) it always
leads to action – ie doing the will of G-d (our behaviour also undergoes transformation after
salvation). As we walk in the will of G-d, we will experience peace.
• Sanctify: It is as we walk (behave) in the will of G-d that our lives become sanctified
(the process whereby we are being set apart for a holy purpose)
• Completely: Every part of our being (spirit, soul and body). Fully.
• Preserved: To be kept.
• Blameless: v22 reminded us to abstain from evil (evil = not doing/walking in the will
of G-d). Our goal is to be blameless – without spot or blemish in our lives (Eph 5:26-
27, Rev 19:7-8)
• At the coming of our L-rd Yeshua Messiah: At the rapture we want to be found
blameless (this does not depend on us but it depends upon G-d’s influence in our
v24: Faithful…(He) will do it: Phil 1:6. We are called to be faithful – faithful to walking out
the will and purposes of G-d in our lives (committed to that process of sanctification). As we
are faithful to do what G-d has called us to do, He completes/perfects the work in us.
v25: Brethren: Brothers and sisters.
• Pray for us: Praying for each other (intercessory prayer) is so important. We are
called to do this (It is what Yeshua and the Holy Spirit do for us – Roms 8: 26-27,
Roms 8:34)
v26: Greet … with a holy kiss: Demonstrate love. Greet them in a way that manifests love.
v27: I charge you: Implore you, want you to take an oath.
• The holy brethren: Meaning all the saints, all the brothers and sisters.
v28: Grace: Paul concludes this epistle in a familiar way – by focussing on grace.
• Be with you: This is a redemptive expression. We can only be with our L-rd Messiah
Yeshua because of the grace which produces redemption.
• Amen: Meaning this is true.
Note: These last few verses want to ensure that we are living out the effects of G-d’s grace
(being redeemed by Messiah) in our lives. Redemption produces obedience and
submissiveness to the purposes of G-d.

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