The Book of 1 Timothy Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 2

We go on to 1 Timothy 1:8-11

v8: We: True believers who are interested in the truth and edification of G-d.

  • Uses it lawfully: This one wants to use the law for the purpose of a G-dly outcome. The law has been given to us so that we can learn how to express our love to G-d and to others. This is the goal/purpose/objective of the law. For example: In Lev 19:4 we are commanded not to turn to idols. Not turning to idols shows a love for G-d. In Lev 19:14 we are commanded not to curse the deaf or put a stumbling block before those who are blind. This law teaches us how to show love to others. 

v9: Lawless: Those who are against the message of righteousness.

  • Insubordinate: Those who are rebellious by nature. They do not want to submit to the law.
  • Murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers: Three different Greek words for murder are used here. When we want to use the law to exalt ourselves, to have authority over or dominate others, etc then we are putting ourselves into a position whereby we are one step away from murder. Yeshua taught that if we have malice/anger in our heart for someone then we are seen in the same light as murderers (Matt 5:21-22, see also 1 John 3:15). Being angry in our hearts towards others is a behaviour that meets the spiritual condition of murder. Anger puts us into a condition whereby we have the potential to take a life. Anger moves us away from loving others. 

Note: The law was given to these people to manifest their sinfulness to them. The law shows them that they have a problem. They need healing. They need saving.

v10: Fornicators: Those who are sexually immoral.

  • Sodomites: Literally: HomosexualsThis is a word made up of two Greek words – arrhen and koite. The first word is masculine – ie male. The second word speaks of lying down and inhabiting a bed together. In other words, this is a word that speaks of a male having a male bed partner. 
  • Kidnappers: Those who take possession of someone else. 
  • Perjurers: A person who lies after having promised to tell the truth. These are people who are not sensitive to truth. 
  • (Those) contrary to (against) sound doctrine: It is very significant that Paul, as he begins to write this epistle to Timothy, warns Timothy that to have a successful local congregation Timothy needs to watch over and supervise the doctrine being taught. We need to be so careful about false doctrine – doctrine which is not based on the Word of G-d. 

v11: The glorious gospel (ie gospel of glory): Those things Paul spoke about in the preceding verses (sexual immorality, liars etc) attack the gospel of G-d. Paul was concerned about the gospel, as he wanted people to understand who Messiah was so that they could be redeemed, but he did not emphasise and only preach the gospel at the expense of everything else. Paul taught about discipleship, doctrine, etc. 

  • Committed to my trust:  This is the same word for ‘faith’. Paul was faithful to the process of seeing G-d’s glory manifested in the lives of individuals. 

Note: When we embrace the gospel, we are positioned to become instruments that bring G-d glory by our behaviour. When we become saved, we become a new creation – the Holy Spirit enters into us (Acts 1:8). This happens instantaneously. It is only as we mature and grow in our faith, however, that it becomes evident (in our behaviour) that we are indeed new creations. This process of regeneration is a process. The process is not becoming a new creation (we are that at the point of salvation), but the process demonstrates the fact that we are a new creation – instruments of G-d’s glory.

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