The Book of 2 Corinthians Bible Study Chapter 12 Part 3

We begin this week by reading a short portion: 2 Corinthians 12:11-13

v11: I ought to have been commended by you: Based upon the fruit or the evidence of the work that Paul had done among the Corinthians they should have felt compelled to have defended him publicly so that Paul would not have felt that it was necessary to defend himself or his call to be an apostle. 

  • In nothing was I behind: Paul was in no way inferior to those apostles who were prominent. 
  • Though I am nothing: It is not about us. Our calls and ministries are not there to elevate us, but to bring glory to G-d – and Him alone. 

v12: The signs of an apostle were accomplished among you: It was not Paul who produced these signs. It was G-d who consistently worked through Paul that caused these signs to become evident or manifest to others. Even though Paul had come to them in an unimpressive way, G-d had done miracles, signs and wonders in the presence of the people and power had been released through Paul’s ministry. What someone says about themselves (or what others say about them) is not the basis for us receiving them as apostles. The call of apostleship is not determined on the individual, instead it should be seen through his life that G-d’s signs and wonders are manifest. When people’s lives are changed by the power of G-d, as it is released through G-d working in that individual’s life, this gives evidence of an apostolic call on that individual. 

  • Perseverance: Endurance.  
  • Mighty deeds: Powers

v13: This Corinthian congregation was not inferior to other congregations. Paul did not behave differently among them but he behaved in a consistent manner in all the congregations. The only difference was that Paul strove not to be a burden to this Corinthian congregation. If he had needs, these needs were met by other congregations and not by this one. 

  • Forgive me this wrong: Paul says this in kind of a sarcastic way. He is asking them to forgive him for not being a burden on them financially or otherwise. When he was with them, he lived humbly and did not exalt himself as a super apostle of G-d. 

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