The Book of 2 Corinthians Bible Study Chapter 4 Part 2

We continue on with 2 Cor 4:7-18
v7: Treasure: Through faith, as an outcome of being redeemed (ie only applicable for believers), we become an earthen vessel with treasure in it. This treasure reveals and releases the blessings of G-d into the lives of others.
·      Earthen vessel: We are the workmanship and creation of G-d – made from the dust of the earth originally. 
·      Excellence: Surpassing. This is a word that talks about going exceedingly beyond the expectation, need or request. 
v8: Hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed: G-d gives us this surpassing, exceeding, power in order that we can suffer much. As we walk with G-d in this world, we are going to experience trouble. But this treasure in us, the surpassing power of G-d, ensures we are not crushed by this trouble. G-d speaks about power and immediately follows it up by talking about suffering. This should strongly reinforce the fact to us that He gives us the power so that we can endure the suffering – no one needs power to endure luxury. 
·      Perplexed: Confused. As times as we walk with Him, we may feel confused about what we are experiencing. But this treasure in us, the exceedingly beyond measure power of G-d, ensures we are not discouraged or in despair but that we are able to persevere, to endure, to overcome this world! 
v9: Persecuted: It is normal for a true believer to experience persecution (Heb 11:32-40). Faithfulness to truth, to the Word of G-d, causes persecution. 
·      Not forsaken (abandoned): G-d is not going to leave us nor forsake us. This is a promise. 
v10: Always: A very important word.
·      Carrying about in the body: As we go about day after day. event after event, we bear the death of Messiah. This means that we always remember that He suffered, so we are not surprised when we suffer. He was hated, so we are not surprised when we are hated. 
·      The dying of Yeshua the L-rd: Yeshua is the best example we will ever have of what it looks like to live a Christian life. He was troubled, persecuted, struck down. He, the very Son of G-d, was perfectly faithful to speak truth and was beaten, mocked, scorned, scourged, and, eventually, killed for it. A life of luxury was not the path that Yeshua (who had the right and the authority to do it if He had so wanted) chose to walk. 
·      That the life of Yeshua also may be manifested in our body: As we walk in recognition of Messiah who died for us it is going to encourage, empower, steer and direct us to do those things that He did. The life of Yeshua was a life of suffering. As we suffer for Him (identify with Him in His death) it is going to be a testimony to others of what the life of Yeshua looked like. 
v11: Always delivered to death: Living for death. Luke 9:23. When we live for death it means that we are ready to die. We do things and make decisions that cause the world to want to rise up and kill us. We are prepared to suffer for what we believe. 
·      Delivered: Handed over. 
·      Mortal flesh: ie Fleshly bodies of death. We need to make a proper evaluation of our lives. We are in this body for a very short time when compared to the time of eternity. We are rapidly running out of time so must be wise, not wanting to have everything we can in this temporal life. We do NOT want to be unprepared for eternity, and the only preparation we get for eternity is right now. 
v12: Working in us: Being worked out. Being done
·      Life in (for) you: Notice that whenever Paul writes he is always thinking about those whom he is ministering to. 
Note: If we are all about investing in this world, this life, then we are investing in that which
is being destroyed. This would be a bad investment. If we had money and were going to invest in a company, we would not want to invest in a company that is decaying or moving towards its conclusion. Instead, we would want to invest in one that was moving up, one that had a glorious and good future. Likewise, investing in the Kingdom of G-d would be termed a good investment from G-d’s perspective. 
v13: Faith, according to what is written: Notice that faith goes together with the truth of G-d, the Scripture (Roms 10:17). 
·      I believed and therefore I spoke: Quoted from Ps 116:10Paul shared with them what he believed. We, as a ministry team, also need to share what we believe – transparent with no hypocrisy.
v14: He: Referring to G-d the Father.
·      Will also raise us up with Jesus: We are going to be raised up to experience Kingdom life (John 11:25). If we do not experience resurrection, we will not experience the real life of G-d. 
·      Present us with you: All believers are in this together. Paul told them that he was going to be resurrected because of his faith in Yeshua and he was going to be presented along with all of us when we go before G-d for the judgment of rewards. We receive these rewards with everyone else (Heb 11:39-40). 
v15: All things are for your sakes: Paul made decisions for their sakes, thinking of them and their needs.
·      Thanksgiving to abound: When grace abounds it brings about more thanksgiving which in turn brings about more glory being given to G-d. As we grow spiritually our gratitude for G-d (His workmanship, provision, leadership, Presence) will also naturally grow. 
v16: Not losing heart: 2 Cor 4:1. We do not become faint hearted. We do not despair or grow weary when we see decay start to set in in our natural bodies.
·      Our outward man is perishing (decaying): This body that we have right now is getting older, slower, weaker as it approaches death. 
·      The inward man is being renewed: We are in a process of inward spiritual renewal. 
v17: Light affliction (tribulation): The worst form of tribulation a believer could go through would be considered ‘light’ when compared to the wrath of G-d.
·      A moment: From the perspective of eternity, this tribulation is short, it only lasts for a moment.
·      Is working for us: Written in the passive. This implies that this temporary and light tribulation that we go through (comparatively speaking) is what is producing this eternal, highly significant glory that we are going to have.  
·      Weight: Depth.
v18: Look: The Greek word here means to look intently or very carefully at something. Pay a lot of attention to. 
·      Things … seen: The luxuries of this world (money, houses etc). We do not attach significance to these things.
·      Things which are not seen: Paul is referring to the Kingdom promises.
·      Temporary: They are here but do not endure. Revelation tells us that these things are going to be destroyed in an hour (Rev 18:9-10). None of the things that the world puts significance on, from a worldly perspective, are going to make it into the Kingdom of G-d.
·      Eternal: An adjective that describes the Kingdom of G-d.

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