The Book of 2 Corinthians Bible Study Chapter 9 Part 2

We go on to 2 Cor 9: 8-15

v8: All grace: G-d holds nothing back. When G-d gives grace He gives it all the way. An example of this is the death of Yeshua on the cross. 

  • All sufficiency: Lacking nothing. 
  • An abundance for every good work: Good work is important – it should characterize us. It is because of good works that others are going to know that we have been saved. Not that good works are the means to salvation, but they are the outcome of a salvation experience (Phil 2:12). The outcome or proof of salvation is that we are going to be people that demonstrate G-d’s priority in our lives, and this is seen through good works. 

v9:It is written: This is a quote from Psalm 112: 9. It is a psalm that speaks about the things that accompany a righteous man. A righteous person is going to give. 

  • Dispersed: Scattered. This means that this giving is not done in just one place or two. This kindness or generosity is plentiful and affects many lives. 
  • Poor: Needy
  • His righteousness remains forever: His generosity has eternal consequences and is going to produce eternal reward. 

v10: He… supplies: Whatever we do and whatever we can give is only possible through G-d. He supplies what we need in order that we can supply what others need. 

  • Supply and multiply: Make full. G-d is the only One that gives the increase in order that there will be fruit for our righteousness. We are G-d’s instruments by which He sows His righteousness in this world and, by so doing, manifests our righteousness.

v11: Enriched. Made wealthyG-d is enriching us in order that we can give to others, that through us there is thanksgiving to G-d through our generosity.

v12: Supplies (Fills up) the needs: Supplying completely 

  • Abounding through many thanksgivings: What they are doing is going to bring not just thanksgiving to G-d from the saints, but it is going to abound in others. Generosity brings about thanksgiving to G-d – that’s the objective of generosity (Matthew 5:16). 

v13: Proof: This is a word that Paul uses frequently, and it is a word that means to document. This is simply an act of making our faith known – documenting it.

Note: People know that these individuals have confessed the gospel. Now it is their behaviour, their generosity (their documenting or doing the ministry), that brings about a testimony where people can see the sincerity of their confession to the gospel. 

v14: Prayer: Supplication. Intercession. Because of their generosity others are moved to pray on their behalf.

  • Long: Yearn for or desire. They are longing for these individuals because they have love and affection for them but also because they see the surpassing grace of G-d on these individuals and they long to be like them. They long to be generous and behave in a similar fashion.  

v15: Thanks: This is the same word that can be used for ‘grace’. 

  • Indescribable: Being unable to describe something. We need to be people that give thanks to G-d and understand that His grace, His gift, is indescribable. It goes beyond words. Roms 8:32.

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