The Book of 2 Thessalonians Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 1

We are going to begin 2 Thessalonians with 2 Thess 1:1-5
The end times are very important to G-d. They represent a transition from this world into the
Kingdom of G-d. Everyone who is Kingdom minded is going to be interested in what the Word of G-d
has to say about these changes. This book, 2 Thessalonians, places a lot of emphasis on what is going
to happen in the last days. It can teach us how we can be found faithful in these days that we are
living in – all the signs beginning to point toward the soon return of Messiah and the establishment
of His Kingdom.
This book was written to a church that was suffering greatly – a church going through intense
persecution. This persecution caused them to be confused about things, and so Paul wrote this
epistle to reaffirm them, to let them know that what he had shared with them was indeed the truth
(inspired by the Holy Spirit and profitable for the people of G-d to be complete in every good work).
Prophetically we know that things in the last days are not going to get better but are going to get
darker and more difficult. However, we also know that G-d will give us the power to behave
faithfully, and to live righteously, in the midst of these dark times. Light shines brightest in the midst
of darkness.
v1: Paul: The primary author.
• Silvanus: Some Bibles translate his name as Silas. He co-authored this book.
• Timothy: A type of spiritual son for Paul. Also a co-author of this book.
• Church: Congregation. This is a word that means “called out ones”.
• G-d our Father: There is an emphasis on G-d as our Father. There are two things we can
think about when we think about a father – authority and provision. Paul is going to teach
us some Biblical principles in order that we can receive God’s provision – those things that
we need for the purpose of having a G-dly testimony in those days, and that we can be
enabled to do the work that G-d has called us to do in these times.
• L-rd: Referring to the L-rdship of Messiah. We recognise G-d’s authority in our lives by
submitting to the L-rdship of Yeshua (we study His teachings, and we apply them to our
lives). As we submit to His purposes (His will in our lives) we will be recipients of His
v2: Grace to you and peace: Paul starts off this epistle in the way that he usually does. Grace
positions us in G-d’s will, peace is always the fulfillment of G-d’s will in our lives. We won’t know
peace, have stability, or walk in G-d’s will unless we’re led by grace. Grace doesn’t only save us, but it
also works in our lives in order to bring us into G-d’s will.
v3: We are bound to: We ought to. Paul is seeing something in this congregation that makes
thanking G-d for them a requirement (it is incumbent upon him) …something that he is “bound” to
• It is fitting: It is appropriate or right for Paul to praise G-d on behalf of these individuals.
• Your faith grows….your love abounds: When we grow in faith it is going to express itself in
abundant love. This is not an experience limited to a select number of people (“every one of

v4: Patience (endurance/perseverance) and faith in …persecutions and tribulations: This is what is
unique about this congregation. Paul is able to boast about these people because, although they are
suffering for their faith, they are suffering in a way that is bringing glory to G-d.
Note: This verse is foundational in giving us an understanding of the context. One of the primary
reasons why Paul is writing to those in Thessaloniki is because they’re going through a very difficult
• Persecutions and tribulations: Acts 14:22. G-d uses tribulations (and this is going to be so
true for the end time church) to grow, mature and purify the church (Rev 19:7-8).
Persecutions separates the “sheep from the goats”.
v5: Evidence: Evidence confirms something. Everything that this church is going through is evidence
of the righteous judgment of G-d. Suffering for our faith demonstrates that we are counted worthy
for the Kingdom of G-d. Those who belong to this world hate the Kingdom of G-d. Yeshua told us
that those who love Him are going to be hated by the world (John 15:18-25).
• For which you also suffer: Biblical truth is this: when we accept Yeshua into our lives, we
ought to acknowledge that this is a call of suffering (Luke 9:23)

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