The Book of 2 Thessalonians Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 2

We conclude this week with 2 Thessalonians 1:6-12
v6: It is a righteous thing with G-d: This is talking about G-d behaving righteously – as He always does.
• Repay: To pay back. G-d is going to pay back those who are causing tribulation to His
people. He is going to set things in order as He moves against those who persecute
v7: Rest: One of the hopes we have as believers is that after tribulation, persecution, suffering etc
we have been promised rest. ‘Rest’ is a Kingdom word. It speaks of what we should expect when we
enter into the Kingdom (Matt 11:29). This is for both the present as well as for the future. Our
earthly understanding of rest is mainly related to relaxing, sleeping, recovering etc. Although this is
partly true, Biblically we can understand rest as being related to being in the right place/location
(being found in the Presence of G-d – Ex 33:14). We are not going to know true or full rest until we
are in the Kingdom of G-d.
• With us: In the Kingdom we are all going to have this same experience of rest.
• Within the context of v8 we know that this ‘revealing’ is talking about the second coming of
Messiah and not about the rapture.
v8: This verse is speaking about the wrath of G-d. We are not destined for wrath (1 Thess 5:9) so this
wrath will only fall once the rapture has taken place. Before the rapture we will experience
tribulation – tribulation and wrath are not the same thing (in the same way that the rapture and the
second coming of Messiah are not the same thing). The tribulation of the church will conclude with
the rapture, the wrath of G-d will be concluded at the second coming of Messiah. The fullness of
eternal victory (being with G-d, G-d with us – Immanuel) is not going to be known until after the
wrath of G-d has fallen and set things in order.
• Flaming fire: This is a prophetic description of G-d’s judgment being poured out.
• Those who do not know G-d: Roms 1:20 -25. G-d has equipped every human being with the
knowledge that G-d exists. It’s not that these people do not know G-d, but they refuse to
acknowledge Him. They do not want to admit that G-d exists because if they did they would
have to change their lifestyles – which they are unwilling to do (this smacks of rebellion).
These people would rather suffer eternal wrath than embrace the standards of G-d.
• Do not obey the gospel: They are going to be recipients of G-d’s eternal wrath because they
rejected the gospel (the good news about G-d’s plan of redemption). The G-d of the Old
Testament (The G-d of judgement and wrath, in this context) is also the G-d of the New. He
judges because He is Holy and righteous and the wages of sin is death. Eternal life is a gift
from G-d and can only be received on this side of eternity.
v9: These shall be punished: Those who reject the gospel are going to pay a high price for their
foolishness – everlasting/eternal destruction (hell). Many people have a hard time accepting a G-d
who would allow people to suffer or be tormented eternally. But G-d has given all of us the power to
choose. If we reject G-d, rebel against His truth and if we do not accept the gospel then the penalty
that we will have to pay is eternal destruction. Sin leads to eternal death.
• From the Presence of the L-rd: (literally: from before the face of the L-rd). There is nothing
worse for a human being than to be banished from the Presence of the L-rd (they are not
going to experience His glory and nor are they going to experience His power).
v10: That Day: Referring to that Day of Judgement. When people tell believers that they need to get
ready for the second coming of Messiah it is a false teaching. We need to be ready for the last days
(ready for persecution) and for the rapture.
• To be glorified: G-d’s judgement is going to reveal His glory, power and His holiness
(holiness = that which is according to His purposes).
• In His saints: Those who have been transformed by redemption. Through redemption we
become holy ones.
• To be admired: Those who believe are going to be amazed, they are going to marvel at this
glorious Kingdom (G-d’s plan) that G-d is going to establish after the outpouring of His
• Our testimony among you was believed: This is the testimony concerning the last days. The
people knew that Paul was speaking the truth about what is still going to happen. The
judgment day for a saint is going to be a glorious day – we are going to see the
righteousness of G-d being established!
v11: We pray always for you: Paul knows that this church is suffering, and he prays for them that
they will have a G-dly testimony (a proper and appropriate testimony of behaving righteously as a
child of G-d) – that of being counted worthy.
• This calling: G-d’s given each of us a call and we should take that call seriously, applying it to
our lives in a worthy manner.
• Fulfill all the good pleasure of His goodness: Part of our calling is to reveal the goodness or
character of G-d to others.
• The work of faith: We are called to put truth into action – that’s what faith is.
• With power: When we live our lives according to truth, we can be assured that G-d is going
to supply power to us.
v12: Name: Name is synonymous with character.
• Name…may be glorified: We are concerned about the name/character of Yeshua being
glorified. We’re not concerned about ourselves – what people think of us, what we do or
don’t have etc. We should be concerned about only one thing – that our lives would be used
to glorify the name of the L-rd.
• And you in Him: As we concern ourselves with glorifying Yeshua, He is going to work out His
purpose in our lives – and in this way we are drawn closer to G-d.
• Grace: As has been said often – there are two functions of grace. There is a saving grace
(which gives us eternal assurance) and there is the grace that works in our lives to sanctify
us and to bring about the will of G-d in our lives. Grace moves in our lives so that we can
manifest the glory of G-d and have a G-d pleasing testimony (which is precious in His sight).

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