The Book of 2 Thessalonians Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 1

We begin this week with 2 Thessalonians 2:1- 5
v1: Now (or But): In contrast to. In chapter 1 we ended off by talking about that Day – the second
coming of Messiah. In this verse there is a difference. Paul is not speaking about the second coming
but (in contrast to it) about the rapture (our blessed hope).
• Brethren: Talking to believers – further proof that this text is referring to the rapture (which
believers participate in).
• Our gathering together to Him: Another textual clue that this is talking about the rapture.
v2: Not to be soon (quickly) shaken in mind: Paul didn’t want them to be discouraged from having
the right perspective/proper vantage point (he didn’t want them to be moved away from truth).
• Troubled…by spirit: Meaning some spiritual manifestation or some so-called sign or
• Or by word: Something that people are saying.
• Or by letter (epistle): Paul was telling this church that if they received a letter purported to
have been written by himself that it was not to be believed if it was contrary to what he had
written to them here. It doesn’t matter what spiritual things happen, it doesn’t matter what
someone says, it doesn’t matter what is written in another ‘epistle’ – what Paul is writing
here is the truth of the matter.
• The Day of Messiah: This is a very different day to the Day of the L-rd (Day of the L-rd =
Judgement Day – this term ‘The Day of the L-rd’ is not emphasised in the NT as most of the
NT is geared toward believers. Believers are not going to be here to experience it when the
Day of the L-rd – His wrath – happens). The Day of Messiah is referring to the rapture and is
mentioned 6 times in the New Testament (1 Cor 1:8, 2 Cor 1:14, Phil 1:6, Phil 1:10, Phil 2:16
and this verse). One of the signs that is going to announce to us that the rapture is
imminent is that the sun is going to go dark but the moon is going to be like blood (Joel
2:31, Rev 6:12 – this happens before the wrath of G-d is poured out. We will be here for the
seals but at the sixth seal we are about to exit this world via the rapture). When we speak of
the second coming of Messiah the sign is slightly different – Both the sun and the moon will
turn black – things will be in utter darkness and then the world is going to see the light of
the world return! – Matt 24:29, Isaiah 13:9-13
Paul says: don’t be disturbed, don’t be shaken, don’t be troubled – no matter what happens
(supernatural manifestation, a word or an epistle) because this day will not happen until …
v3: Let no one deceive you: Paul is warning us that at this time there is going to be great deception
in the world, with all types of spiritual manifestations (their source is satanic and not G-dly).
Two things tell us that the rapture is at hand (and are things we should be watching for):

  1. The falling away or apostasy. Before the day of Messiah (the rapture) there is going to be
    an apostasy or a departure from the faith (Many people today are teaching that we are
    headed toward a massive world-wide end time revival – this is not what is being taught
    here). Some people teach that this word ἀποστασία (apostasia) is referring to the
    rapture – a departure from this world. This is a false teaching. This same word can be
    found in Acts 21:21 and Matt 5:31 referring to a defection from the truth (leaving what
    is good for what is bad – the rapture is exactly the opposite…leaving bad for good,
    therefore it cannot be used as a reference to the rapture…). the apostasy is going to
    create the environment for the antichrist to be revealed.
  2. The man of sin is revealed: This man of sin is also known as the antichrist.
    v4: Opposes and exalts himself above all that is called G-d(ly) or that is worshipped: This is also
    called the ‘abomination of desolation’. (Dan 9:27, Dan 11:36, Dan 12:11, Matt 24:15 – this antichrist
    is going to hinder worship and stop the daily sacrifices in the temple – there has to be a functioning
    temple in Jerusalem in order for this to happen – this temple (more specifically, the Holy of Holies)
    hasn’t been built yet.
    The abomination of desolation occurs when the antichrist (a type of satan incarnate) goes into the
    sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, in order to declare himself as G-d (Isaiah 14:12-15).
    v5: Paul is repeating to them what he had previously taught them. This was not a new teaching for

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