The Book of 2 Thessalonians Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 3

2 Thessalonians 2:13-17
v13: You: Paul is speaking to the Thessalonians – a persecuted congregation (persecuted because of
their faithfulness). This Thessalonian congregation is a paradigm, an example, of what the end time
church can expect in the last days.
• G-d from the beginning chose you for salvation: G-d does not choose us to accept or reject
the gospel. This is a false teaching. The salvation that Paul is speaking of here is not that
initial salvation, which is a free gift through Messiah and cannot be earned or worked at.
The salvation that Paul is talking about here is the one that we work out through fear and
trembling (Phil 2:12), this is the salvation that leads to a behavioural change – after the
initial salvation has been embraced (Titus 2:11-14). This concept of salvation is the end
game – that Kingdom experience or victory that we’re going to have. This comes through
the sanctification of the Spirit and through belief in the truth.
• Sanctification: This is a process that only a believer can go through. The Holy Spirit comes to
dwell in us as soon as we are saved. Only then does He begin to work in us in order to cause
us to be transformed or regenerated (renewed).
v14: Called you by our gospel: He did NOT choose us for the gospel (ie He does not force us to
accept it), but He chose us because of our acceptance of the gospel.
• For the obtaining of the glory of our Lord: Yeshua shares His glory with believers. How?
When we are walking in righteousness, we reflect the glory of G-d. We do not have any
glory that emanates from us naturally (we are not the source of this glory), but we reflect Gd’s glory. At the transfiguration Yeshua did not reflect the glory of G-d, He emanated the
glory of G-d -because He is G-d (it came forth from Him). When we are obedient to G-d we
reflect His glory.
v15: Therefore: As a result of all of this.
• Stand fast: Stand firm.
• Traditions: Referring to the apostles’ doctrines (given to them by word of mouth or through
these letters).
v16: Loved us…given us eternal consolation: This is our Kingdom hope. When we enter into the
Kingdom of G-d this is what we can expect to receive – eternal comfort. No matter what happens to
us in this world, no matter how much suffering we endure (suffering brings us into fellowship with
Messiah and is a catalyst of change, whereby we can become like Him – Phil 3:10), it is only for a
short period of time and will come to an end.
• Good hope by grace: Grace saves, but, after that, grace moves us into fulfilling the will of G-d.
This good hope is the hope of G-d’s will being fulfilled through our lives. Grace is what we are
dependent upon to work obediently in regard to the will of G-d. Through grace we receive the
leadership and indwelling Holy Spirit in our lives.
v17: Good word: This is referring to the revelation of G-d’s will. We can only know His will through
His Word. We want to know His will so that we are able to accomplish it (that we may be established
in every good work).

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