The Book of 2 Thessalonians Bible Study Chapter 3 Part 1

On to 2 Thessalonians 3:1- 5
v1: Finally: There are some remaining points that Paul wants to remind the Thessalonians of.
• Pray for us: The apostle Paul had an effective ministry. Part of the reason for this was that
he prayed for those that he was serving. Here he is asking them to pray for him. Paul placed
great importance on prayer.
• The Word of the L-rd may have free course: Speaking about the Word of G-d (righteous
doctrine) being released in a quick manner. Paul wanted to see the gospel going forth
rapidly throughout the world.
• Be glorified, just as it is with you: G-d had done a mighty work in this congregation. Yes,
they were persecuted (which just confirmed their identity as believers in Messiah), but G-d
and His Word was being glorified through them.
v2: That we may be delivered from unreasonable (perverse) and wicked (evil = against the will of Gd) men: Because Paul was committed to the work of G-d, he was experiencing opposition.
• Not all have faith: We have an enemy, and this enemy has followers who are under his
authority. Most of them don’t even realize that they’re under satan’s authority.
v3: But the L-rd is faithful: 2 Tim 2:13
• Will establish you: Will strengthen you. As a plant grows its roots go deeper and deeper (the
plant becomes established) and these deep roots make the plant stronger. In the same way
G-d gives us roots (so to speak). He establishes and strengthens us at a foundational level.
• Guard (you) from the evil: Evil = that which is contrary to G-d’s will. G-d will work mightily in
our lives in order that we do not turn to the left or to the right, but that we remain firmly
planted in the place where we should be – in the centre of G-d’s will. It is only when we are
planted firmly in G-d’s will that we are going to have access to His power and perspective
(be strengthened).
v4: We have confidence: This is a word of encouragement. Paul is telling them that he has
confidence in them. Paul knows that if one is a believer the Holy Spirit will move in our lives in a way
that will cause us to be able to do His will.
v5: Direct your hearts: Straighten your hearts. G-d is going to bring order into our hearts, into our
thoughts, and ultimately into our actions. We need to be praying for a right(eous) perspective.
• G-d leads us …into love….and into patience:

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  1. This is a scripture we should all be praying for our family, friends and enemies. “The Word of the L-rd may have free course: The Word of G-d (righteous
    doctrine) will be released in a quick manner. We pray that The Gospel will go forth
    rapidly throughout the world”

    Thanks Rivka, remain blessed!

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