The Book of 2 Timothy Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 3

We now look at 2 Timothy 2:14-19

Timothy knew the call that G-d had placed upon him. He knew that G-d was placing him in a position of leadership so that he could help other individuals to grow and mature. As these individuals grew, they would begin to also be a G-dly influence in the lives of others – training and discipling them so that they too, in turn, could become useful to G-d. 

v14: Remind them: Paul spent a great deal of time discipling Timothy. Paul wanted Timothy to teach others what Paul had taught him. 

  • Charging them: Literally: Testifying or bearing witness. 
  • Not to strive about words to no profit: Do not engage in conversations that do not have a profitable outcome. If someone does not know the truth of G-d (they have not trained themselves in the Word) and they want to be contentious or argumentative about it, it is not profitable for us to enter into a debate (war of words) with them. We need to have discernment about when it is proper to speak or when it is more profitable to keep quiet. In Timothy’s day, the culture leaned toward a lot of speaking and debating – much of it being fruitless. 
  • To the ruin of the hearers: We need to be aware that people are listening to what we are saying to (or about) others. Our words should be words that are not bringing about destruction, but that they are in fact bringing about fruitfulness in the lives of others. Before we enter into a discussion, we need to discern if the other party is truly seeking truth and wanting to obey G-d, or if they are individuals who simply want to be contentious and who want to enter into conflict. 

v15: Diligent: This is a word of haste – to respond quickly. It is also a word that has a degree of seriousness attached to it. It is a word that shows purpose. 

  • Present yourself approved: There needs to be proof or evidence of this diligence in our lives. 
  • A worker (servant) who does not need to be ashamed: We are not called to be ashamed of our service to G-d, or ashamed of the words that we are to speak on His behalf etc. We are called to be fruitful before Him. 
  • Rightly: The Greek word used here is where we get our English word ‘orthodontics’ from. An orthodontist straightens teeth. We need to be people who ‘cut (the Word of G-d) straight’. Through G-d’s word we need to set things straight. If others do not want to hear the truth, then it is not profitable or fruitful for us to engage with them (Matt 7:6). 
  • Dividing: A word that has to do with cutting something.

v16: Babblings: Words that serve no purpose. 

  • They will increase (literally: Cut forward): The image alluded to here is similar to someone walking with a machete in their hand, cutting down the brush as they move forward.
  • To more ungodliness: When we engage in words or thoughts (conversations) that are empty (they have no merit or significance) we are going to be cutting away to ungodliness. Paul is giving Timothy a stern warning about having a set objective and pursuing that in thought and in words. Others should not hijack us away from the purposes of G-d with vain or idle words. 

v17: Cancer (literally: Gangrene): An infection that brings about death if it is not rapidly and radically dealt with. Idle words and thoughts not only lead to ungodliness, but they also do not edify and ultimately they lead to death. 

  • Hymenaeus: This man is also mentioned in 1 Tim 1:20.

v18: Strayed (missed the mark) concerning the truth: The men mentioned here, as well as others, have turned away from truth. 

  • Saying that the resurrection is already past: Paul gives Timothy an example of how these men have missed the mark as far as truth is concerned. They tell others that the resurrection (a Kingdom word) has already happened. This is not referring to the resurrection of Yeshua but to the resurrection of believers (1 Cor 15:42-44). We have a similar false theology present in this world today (Kingdom Now). Some people believe that the Kingdom is here, it has already happened, it is within us – they say the Kingdom is symbolic and internal. They believe that it is up to us as believers to bring righteous change into this world and, in this way, to usher in the Kingdom of G-d into this world. This is not Biblical teaching. If we do not understand how the Kingdom in its fullness is going to come about then it is very possible that we will be led astray (Luke 17:20-37). Things in this world are not getting better. In fact, the influence of believers in society seems to be getting less and less. G-d’s Kingdom is not becoming more evident and more powerful. This world is not on the trajectory of becoming more Kingdom-like, more G-d-like. Evil is increasing (Matt 24:12). When evil has reached its pinnacle, and once the rapture/blessed hope of the church has taken place, G-d’s judgment/wrath is going to fall upon the wicked inhabitants of this world. The enemy (the antichrist) is going to be destroyed and only after that will the Kingdom of G-d, in its fullness, be established in this world. Prophetically we see that it is not a triumphant church that is going to transform this world. The church is not going to experience success in turning this world into the Kingdom of our G-d. Only through G-d’s judgment will a transformation happen in this world. Those who preach otherwise have missed the mark.
  • They overthrow the faith of some: Faith is rooted in truth. False teachers turn others away from truth and, therefore, away from faith. 

v19: The solid foundation of G-d stands: Despite the evil that will rise up in the last days the firm and stable foundation of G-d will stand. Nothing will destroy this foundation (i.e. the Kingdom of G-d). 

  • The L-rd knows those who are His: The L-rd knows those who belong to Him. 
  • The name of Messiah: Yeshua. We who believe know the name (the character) of Messiah. His Holy Spirit dwells within us. The Holy Spirit helps us to turn away from iniquity. 
  • Depart from iniquity: Those who belong to Messiah turn away from unrighteousness.

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