The Book of 2 Timothy Bible Study Chapter 4 Part 2

Our next portion is a short one: 2 Timothy 4:6-8

v6: Poured out: The life and call to ministry that G-d had given to Paul were coming to an end. Paul had lived his life and ministered before G-d and men in a sacrificial way (‘drink offering’ – see Phil 2:16-17, Gen 35:14, Num 28, 2 Sam 23:15-17). 

  • The time of my departure is at hand: Paul knows that his time is running out and that things are coming to an end for him. These letters are a kind of “handover” to Timothy. 
  • My departure is at hand: This is written in the perfect tense in Greek. This means Paul had lived, was living and would continue to live with a strong understanding that one day he would be leaving this world. We need to be living, on a daily basis, with a consciousness that we are going to leave this world. This mindset changes our behaviour. It makes us more mindful, more conscientious, more diligent. If we have this perspective, we will not waste our time on unnecessary things but will be more purposeful in what we think and do. 

v7: I have finished the race: Run all the way to the end of the race, to the destination previously set out and agreed upon. Reach the end of this race of life in an appropriate and G-d-honouring way. 

  • I have kept: Written in the perfect tense. Paul did this in the past, he was doing this while he was writing this letter to Timothy, and he would continue to guard it into the future. 
  • Faith: A word which is related to truth. Paul did not make any compromises regarding truth. 

v8: Finally: Paul is getting ready to conclude this letter. He wants to speak of the remaining things that he has to say. 

  • There is laid up for me the crown of righteousness: This should be a word of encouragement to us, all those who have kept/guarded the faith/truth of G-d. This is a promise, a hope, that should excite us. It is an instrument that should cause us to endure, to persevere, to have a tenacity for the things of G-d. 
  • The L-rd… will give to me: The L-rd, our Master, the One we serve and are in submission to, is the One who will give Paul (faithful believers) this reward. 
  • That Day: Referring to the Day when Yeshua (the Righteous Judge) is going to judge the “living” – the righteous, faithful believers. 
  • Not to me only: Paul is not going to uniquely received this reward. 
  • Loved: In the Greek there are several different words that speak of specific aspects of love (agape, philia, eros, storge, etc). The love spoken of here is a sacrificial love -a love that involves suffering/sacrifice for another.
  • Loved His appearing: Referring to those who love (willing to sacrifice and endure suffering) until the manifestation or revealing of Messiah. A day is coming (and coming quickly) when Messiah is going to appear. He is going to manifest Himself. Are we living for this day? Longing for this day? Sacrificing for this day? (2 Peter 3:11-13, Roms 8:18-21). When we live with a consciousness that Yeshua is coming soon, we are going to be more loving and more willing to make sacrifices. Those who live in this way are going to receive the crown of righteousness (1 Peter 5:4). 

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