The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 10 Part 2

We begin this week with Acts 10:24-48

v24: We naturally want to share good news with those we love.

v28: “Unlawful” – Against the law – this is against traditional (oral) law and not Biblical law.

· G-d showed Peter in that vision, we read about yesterday, that it had nothing to do with food but everything to do with the gospel and taking the gospel to the Gentiles/nations. Peter had to step out of rabbinical Judaism and their oral tradition concerning Gentiles.

v29: G-d was not changing Biblical law(Matt 5:17-20). G-d was disagreeing (and wanted a change) with the traditional laws created by men.

· Peter understood G-d’s message, but he is unsure why Cornelius sent for him.

v30-32: this story is repeated, reemphasized.

v33: They want to hear what G-d has to say so that they are able to obey.

v35: G-d is looking for people in every nation who give Him priority (fear Him)

· We are not saved by fearing G-d and doing righteous deeds. But because we are saved we give Him priority and we do good deeds

v36: G-d first gave the gospel message (of peace and reconciliation with G-d through Yeshua) to Israel.

Note: Jonah was also in Joppa(Jaffa) when G-d called him to the Gentiles/Ninevites. Jonah didn’t want to go. Peter went willingly.

v38: Whenever the Holy Spirit is mentioned in the Bible we need to think about redemption (Is 59:20-21)

v39: Yeshua was rejected, and His work of salvation was not well received by Israel.

v40: The fact that Yeshua didn’t raise Himself from the dead doesn’t lessen His power or divinity. It emphasizes His submissiveness, trust and absolute confidence in His Father.

v41: G-d had a pattern and based on this pattern G-d saw and knew beforehand

· We can’t go very far in the old or NT without mention of judgement. As King, Yeshua meets the qualifications for being the Judge.

v43: To understand Yeshua (who He is and what He did) we need to read and understand prophecy.

· It is only through calling on the name of Yeshua, by faith, that we will be saved.

v44: The Holy Spirit fell on the Gentiles – NO ONE laid hands on them to receive the Holy Spirit.

v45: The Jewish believers who had come with Peter from Jaffa were amazed that G-d was also working in the lives of Gentiles – this was not exclusive.

· The pouring out of the Holy Spirit is an act of G-d and cannot be brought about by ourselves.

v47: The way of salvation for a Jewish person is the same as the way of salvation for a Gentile. Jews do not receive the Holy Spirit in a different way to non-Jews. G-d does not show partiality and His Word is the same for all of mankind.

v48: They didn’t want Peter to depart immediately. They wanted to hear more. They wanted to be discipled. This is what people, who truly believe, desire – to know the Word of G-d in order that we can walk with G-d, serve Him and bring honour to His name.

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