The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 2

On to Acts 11:19-30

v19: the word used for persecution/tribulation here is the same word used in connection with last days tribulation.

· They did not share the gospel message completely. G-d reveals through Acts that the gospel is not only for Jews, but it is for all of humanity (we, as the church, are not in the right either if we are only preaching to Gentiles. The Jews need to hear the gospel too)

v20: These Greeks were not Gentiles (we have just read that only the Jews were being evangelized) but were Hellenistic Jews (see Acts 6:1)

v21: The L-rd’s hand – His authority/anointing was upon them, they submitted to the authority of Yeshua.

v22: Despite persecution some people remained in Jerusalem (See Acts 8:1)

v23: Deut 13:4 and Josh 23:6-11. If we are to remain true to the L-rd, with all of our hearts, we are going to obey His commands and do what He wills.

v24: Good = committed to the will of G-d.

· If we expect the Holy Spirit to work in our lives, we need to be people who are committed to the will of G-d.

· When someone is submissive to the will of G-d and manifesting the ministry of the Holy Spirit in their lives, other people are going to be saved.

v26: A year in Judaism includes a full reading of the Torah (this is repeated in yearly cycles) and it also includes the celebration of all the holidays. It is through the holidays and through the complete reading of the Bible that the most excellent way of the L-rd can be taught. (Col 2:17)

· Christians – People saw the believers as having a connection to Christ Yeshua (Yeshua).

v28: What Agabus prophesied came true. Do we respond in light of prophetic truth? These believers had matured and were willing to leave tradition and receive new revelation (the foundation of this revelation was obviously based in the Scripture) the people needed to respond and prepare for this famine (G-d warned them ahead of time about what was coming)

v29: When G-d revealed that trouble was coming these believers first thought of those back in Judea (Israel) and wanted to help them as much as they possibly could. So often when we hear of trouble coming we want to care for and protect ourselves. Do we think of others? Even wanting to meet the needs of those far from us whom we have never met?

v30: Believers in Yeshua should have a powerful testimony of supporting and blessing the Jewish people (like Ruth to Noami).

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