The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 13 Part 3

Our first portion for this week: Acts 13:32-41

v32: The good news (promised from the beginning – Gen 3:15) was the promise of redemption – freedom from the bondage of sin.

v33: Fulfilled means it was brought into reality – through Yeshua.

· Paul gave them the truth (a new revelation to them) and then he backed it up Biblically -Psalm 2:7

· Sons serve and fulfill the will of their fathers. This is what Yeshua did for His Father.

· There was never a time when Yeshua (the son) didn’t exist. A child does not become alive when he is birthed. He is alive long before his birthdate. The day of birth is a revealing of someone who was already alive. Yeshua’s birth was His unveiling/revealing (his “aliveness” had already been for eternity before His birth, not just for 9 months)

v34: Resurrection is associated with victory – also purity, holiness and righteousness which are in opposition to decay.

· Paul quotes here from Isaiah 55:3

v35: Quote from Psalm 16:10

· Holy = set apart by G-d for a purpose. In Yeshua we are going to be transformed into instruments that reflect the glory of G-d and not instruments that reflect corruption.

v36: He fell asleep, means he died, and he experienced decay – so the Psalm couldn’t have been speaking about David himself.

v37: Yeshua was superior to David. His body was not subjected to decay.

v38: To know – not just intellectually but also experientially.

· The forgiveness of our sins is good news! (see verse 32 again) If we do not recognize our sinfulness and the problem of sin (Yeshua needing to die to pay the penalty for sin) then we have been taught an inadequate gospel. We are set free from sin. We don’t want to live in sin any longer.

v39: The law that Moses gave (although good, holy and perfect) couldn’t justify us before G-d. Only IN Messiah are we justified – as when G-d looks at us (who are in His Son) He sees His perfect and righteous Son and not our flawed selves.

v40: The prophets spoke of people who were stiff necked, unbelieving and refused to trust G-d.

v41: Paul quotes from Hab 1:5.

· Despisers/Scoffers hear the word but they mock it.

· Those who wonder (marvel) just think and think but never actually respond to the message of salvation.

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