The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 13 Part 4

This is a fairly short reading: Acts 13:42-52

v42: The Jews (the leaders who held to the traditions of men) left the synagogue and the Gentiles begged for more teaching.

v43: The leaders had left (v42) but many of the Jewish people also followed Paul and Barnabas in order to speak with them.

· The grace of G-d – this includes the promise that was spoken about, mercy, faith, forgiveness of sins and being justified.

v44: A week later

v45: Remember that “Jews” refers to the leaders (see v42)

· The crowds were made up of Jewish individuals and G-d fearing Gentiles who had converted to Judaism (proselytes)

v46: “Reject it” – they did not want to live according to Kingdom truth.

v47: Paul reminds them of their call to be a light (to take revelation) to the Gentiles – Isaiah 49:6

v48: The Gentiles were not made to believe but they chose to believe. Because they believed they were set apart for eternal life. (we experience eternal life today – not just when we die)

v49: There is a strong emphasis on the word of the L-rd throughout this passage. (“L-rd” reminds us of our need to submit to Him)

v50: The leaders set the people against each other and against Paul and Barnabas.

v51: Iconium was in Turkey. It is called Konya today.

v52: In the natural this would not be a normal response to persecution. There is a connection between obedience, joy and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

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