The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 14 Part 1

We continue our reading in Acts 14:1-13

v1: (“As usual”)The first place they went to in this new town… The Jewish synagogue – this should be no surprise to us now, as that is Paul’s modus operandi (Roms 1:16)

v2: Jews = traditional leaders (Matt 15:5-9)

· Poisoned their minds – did evil (not G-d’s will) against their very essence/thoughts.

v3: They didn’t run away from a difficult situation but stood upon the sure foundation of the L-rd – the One they were submitted to.

· The purpose of G-d’s grace is to bring us into the purposes of G-d (Titus 2:11-14)

· The miracles confirmed the truth of the gospel – people were restored, changed, given new beginnings.

v4: Whenever the Word of G-d (truth) is manifested be sure that division will follow as satan hates truth.

v5: This division was taking the people down the path of destruction.

v7: Persecuted and threatened again … but nevertheless continuing to proclaim the good news as they went

v8: This man was an ordinary disabled man. There was nothing particularly unique about him -he isn’t even named. To walk was an impossibility for him.

v9: What did make this man unique was the fact that he listened. When we listen we can hear, and when we hear we can obey. If this man had missed this opportunity he might never have had an opportunity to listen to Paul again. We need to ask G-d to make us mindful of spiritual opportunities that He sets before us so that we don’t squander them when they come our way.

v10: Healed by the sword (of his mouth) and not the surgeon’s scalpel.

· Only Yeshua has the power to bring change (a change that He desires) into our circumstances.

v11: Paul had not done it in his power, but the Holy Spirit healed this man by means of Paul.

v12: The people did a very dangerous thing – they interpreted G-d’s miracle in light of their culture. When the truth of Scripture comes it destroys many aspects of culture or human tradition.

v13: There is a lot of emphasis on the crowd in this chapter ( a crowd is fickle and goes with the flow – be careful of being a part of the crowd mentality as it is then easy for you to be manipulated)

· Bulls and wreaths (garlands/crowns of flowers) were religious items used to worship their gods.

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