The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 14 Part 2

Acts 14:14-28

v14: Tearing of clothes is a sign of mourning, repentance or a sign of great inward emotional anguish (displeasure). Paul and Barnabas were grieved that tribute was being paid to them rather than to G-d.

v15: They wanted the crowd to realize that its response was wrong.

· Good news = the message of redemption, being set free from bondage to sin.

· If we are not worshipping G-d in the proper way then all that we do is worthless or futile.

· Turning to G-d means we build our lives upon Him, He is our foundation. When our lives are rooted in Him we will produce good fruit.

v16: G-d has given revelation (Roms 1:18-25) but when people reject it G-d moves away from their lives. He “gives them over”.

v17: G-d does not force us to accept Him but, even if we do reject Him, signs of blessing (rain) and fruitfulness will still be evident all around us.

v18: “Scarcely restrain” – they did it with great difficulty. The crowd didn’t want to give up their idea and it was hard to persuade them otherwise.

v19: Jews = Jewish leaders from those regions.

· Jewish law demands that a person be buried very shortly after they die (Ananias and Sapphira) but here they wanted to shame Paul so they didn’t bury him.

v20: This verse hints at a resurrection.

· Paul wastes no time but gets straight back onto the “plough”. What a testimony of endurance his life is for us!

v22: Encouragement should always be based on truth (we should never give people false hope)

· Hardship/tribulation – this is a word that relates to persecution. Before the Kingdom of G-d is established it is necessary to go through MUCH tribulation.

v23: Order was set up in the local congregations. A local congregation is a powerful vessel in accomplishing the work of the L-rd.

· Commended/committing them to the L-rd – these elders believed in the L-rd and now they were called to live under or submit to His authority.

v25: Everything they taught was founded on the Word. The Word is the right foundation to build on.

v26: An artist is commissioned to paint a picture. When that picture is finished his commission is complete and he waits for the next commission. So too us in the Kingdom. G-d can commission us to do something but the season for it can come to an end. We need to know what G-d has called us to and when He no longer wants us to do it we need to “take our hand off it” (many times – easier said than done)

v27: Paul and Barnabas had demonstrated Israel’s call – to be a blessing to the nations (Gentiles – Gen 12:3) G-d had then opened the door of faith (access to faith) for the Gentiles.

v28: They would have been teaching, empowering and edifying the disciples in the things of G-d.

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