The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 15 Part 2

Acts 15:12-21

v12: G-d was working among the Gentiles in the absence of circumcision and in the absence of the yoke of the law. This brought silence to the assembly.

v15: Written in Amos 9:11-12

v16: David’s fallen tent/tabernacle has to do with worship. G-d will create for Himself a people that will worship him.

· Fallen – there was no worship going on. It was the believers who reinstated proper faith that leads to the worship of G-d.

v17: There are individuals from the nations that call upon the name of the L-rd and who desire to worship Him.

v20: Abstain – the word is not a suggestion but speaks to something which is forbidden.

· All four of these forbidden things relate to idolatry. If the Gentiles are willing to leave idolatry (Yeshua is not an additional deity to be added on to a list of deities) – convinced that Yeshua is the Messiah and desiring to follow Him – then they are truly a candidate for the authentic gospel. Pagan worship needs to be stopped in order to receive the gospel.

v21: This verse deals with a different issue – it is not dealing with coming to salvation but deals with how those who have come to faith should live.

· Saved Gentiles could go to the synagogues to hear the reading of the Word and they could, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, apply that Word to their lives and live in a way that glorified G-d.

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