The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 17 Part 1

Acts 17:1-15 😀

v1: Thessalonica is in Greece.  

  • Synagogues were like community centers – generally not specifically Jewish in those days. This one however was under the auspices of the Judeans – those who followed the traditions of the elders (oral law).  

v2: Paul’s custom/habit/tradition when he went to a new place was always to go to the Jew first before going to the Gentile (Rom 1:16)

v3: Paul spoke to them (from the Scriptures -ie Old Testament at that time) explaining how Yeshua was the Messiah.  

v4: Some of them heard and believed (faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of G-d) 

  • The word ‘leading’ (in its original context) does not mean fine,  cultural or “upper class” women. These women were prominent in this place – arriving to synagogue early and eager to worship G-d. Devoted to G-d.  

v5: The hearts of these leaders (although the same message was proclaimed to them)  did not hear in order to respond correctly to truth.  

  • They wanted to bring Paul and Silas publicly before the people – probably for judgement.  

v7: This was a common accusation levelled at the believers.  Any perceived threat against the Roman Empire brought harsh punishment. What they claimed was truth – Yeshua is King. They,  however, used this truth as a means to claim that the believers were attacking Roman leadership.  

v9: They made Jason and his friends pay bail. The bail was a security that ensured that they didn’t sit in jail until they could go on trial.  

v10: Another place…. Straight to the synagogue (as was his custom😀)

v11: This is what we should always be doing. Don’t accept doctrine that anyone teaches unless it lines up with Scripture and you can see it in the Bible for yourself. We are wise if we prayfully ask the Holy Spirit to teach us, confirm, warn, show errors on what is being said etc to us.  

v12: Notice the great harvest among the people when the Word of G-d is taught foundationally.  

v13: This method had worked before for them so they did not change it.

v14: The believers put Paul on a ship (with people to escort him to ensure he got to Athens safely) and he sailed off

v15: When we hear or sense G-d’s direction in our lives we need to respond at once – no matter what the cost is to us personally or financially. 

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