The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 19 Part 2

We go on to Acts 19:13-22

v13 These men were exorcists. They were not believers (“the Yeshua that Paul preaches”) but they saw that there was power in the name of Yeshua.  

v14 these seven men came from a priestly background.  

v15 They were speaking the right name, but they were doing it from themselves – they didn’t have a relationship with Yeshua, and neither were they filled with the Spirit (if we are going to be participants in Yeshua’s power it is necessary to receive Him and have His Spirit dwelling in us)

v16 naked speaks of shame. Instead of having victory they left wounded,  shamed and utterly defeated 

v17 Ephesus was a place of improper worship (pagan and idolatrous). Improper worship is an invitation to demonic influence in our lives and in it we encounter unclean spirits.  Unlike the Holy Spirit (who brings order into our lives) unclean spirits lead us where we ought not be, doing things we ought not do and in the end we will suffer loss (failure and emptiness)

  • Again the name of the L-RD Yeshua is lifted high here.  These men only knew Yeshua by name and they did not understand His call for Him to rule in their lives.  When we reject or ignore the L-rdship of Yeshua we are going to be ill equipped (powerless) for spiritual warfare.

v18 these people began to confess and magnify the name of Yeshua (they weren’t quiet about what was going on around them, but they began to confess to others what was happening) and they also began to confess and proclaim their own sins as an act of repentance (when we repent we turn away from previous behaviors) 

v19 Many of them practiced occultic things (these are supernatural things but are not of G-d) 

  • These scrolls would have been books of falsehood or magical enchantments.  
  • Fire in the Scripture usually relates to judgment.  These books became the recipients of judgement (those who follow the message of those books will meet with the same judgement that the books met with) 
  • From an earthly standpoint these books were very valuable and represented years of hard work. When compared to the true power/holiness/true faith in Yeshua they were found to be only worth fire.  

v20 After seeing the supernatural power of G-d these people were transformed. They did not sell these books to get their money back but they realized that those things were dangerous spiritually for themselves as well as dangerous for others so they (radically)  allowed them to be burnt up. This total commitment enabled the Word of G-d to spread widely and powerfully.  

v21 Jerusalem is seen as a place of worship. When we see the things of the enemy being done away with, destroyed or consumed,  it prepares us to move into a place of worship.  

  • Rome was also (like Ephesus)  a pagan city.  What happened in Ephesus was preparation for Rome. Worship prepares us for ministry.

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