The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 3

Acts 2:22-36

v22: Peter refers to Yeshua as having come from this small, insignificant town, Nazareth, in Galilee – again alluding to the fulfillment of the prophesy in Isaiah 9:1-7 (see Acts 2:7)

v23:G-d’s plans (what some people call predestination) were not made in isolation. Because G-d is omniscient (has seen what is going to happen in the future and has seen the choices people are going to make) He was able to make His plans with foreknowledge (back to the dress pattern example – before I begin to create I know what I will need – pins, scissors, tape measure etc. I therefore plan accordingly)

· Foreknowledge/”predestination” does NOT mean that G-d has determined some people to go to hell and some to heaven. G-d desires all men to be saved and does not delight in the death of anyone Ezekiel 33:10-11 (Predestination has everything to do with the foreknowledge of G-d – He has made a plan ahead of time based on what He saw happening/needed for the future)

· Predestination, according to Paul in Eph 1:11, is only relevant for those IN Christ (Messiah), those who have received the gospel. Messiah is the pattern we base our lives upon. See also Roms 8:29-30 (BIG TOPIC… I’m going to leave it there for now)

v24: Yeshua had the power to resurrect Himself but He didn’t. The Bible emphasizes that the Father raised Yeshua from the dead. This was G-d the Father’s stamp of approval and acceptance of the sacrifice Yeshua offered up – Himself.

v25: When we see David quoted we know it’s quoting from the Psalms. This quote is from Psalm 16:8-11

· When G-d is on our side we will not move away from the things of G-d. When shaking happens we will stand firm.

v26: Our lives should be lived based on the hope that we have in Messiah.

v27:When Yeshua (stained with our sin) died He went to hell (Eph 4:9-10, 1 Peter 3:18-20)

· Just like Yeshua wasn’t abandoned to the grave neither will we be (1 Cor 15:20-23).

· We will not see decay/corruption: we will not experience the consequences of sin

His righteousness has been imputed to us so we reap the consequences of (His) righteousness.

(Yeshua took the consequences of our sin so that we could have the consequences of His righteousness)

v28: Because of what Yeshua has done for us we can dwell in the Presence of G-d.

v30: As a prophet David saw (beforehand – foreknowledge again alluded to) a resurrection experience. Before we believe in a resurrected Messiah (Christ) we have to believe in a crucified one.

· G-d made a covenantal promise to David that His seed would reign forever(see 2 Sam7:11b-16, 18-29)

v31: “Foreseeing this” – Seeing what was ahead…. this whole concept again alluded to, emphasized.

v32: A valid testimony, by law, was established by 2 or 3 witnesses (Deut 19:15) – Yeshua’ s resurrection was established on the testimony of many witnesses (Acts 1:3-4)

v33: Peter, using Psalm 16 as well as Jewish tradition about David, is giving the people a proper understanding of the connection between Yeshua and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (a good gospel sharing method that we would be wise to learn and emulate).

v34: David was neither raised from the dead and nor did He ascend into heaven. He was speaking about someone yet future.

v35: This is quoted from Psalm 110:1.

· When enemies are made a footstool it speaks of victory. This is going to happen at the end of this age (see also 1 Cor 15:22-28)

v36 This was a revolutionary statement made by Peter. The Jews were waiting for their Messiah and Peter revealed to them that His name was Yeshua. David had already revealed that the Messiah (In Greek this same word is “Christos” where we get “Christ” from) was going to be “L-rd”. A L-rd is worshipped, served, He is the one in charge and says what we can or cannot do.

· Note: “G-d has made ” does not mean that Yeshua was created. Yeshua always existed (Col 1:15-20 is speaking of Yeshua, the Word). This phrase is referring to the fact that G-d the Father has appointed Yeshua to be both Christ and L-rd.

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