The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 2

Acts 2:14-21

v14: ‘Heed my words’: Listen carefully or give ear – when we ‘incline our ears to hear’ (Isaiah 55:1-3) it positions us for the purpose of intimacy with G-d.

v15: The third hour of the day (9am): The number 3 has to do with revealing something. Peter addresses the crowd at the third hour for the purpose of revelation.

This teaches us a principle; the Holy Spirit enters our lives in order to bring about revelation – not just a source of revelation, but to help us to understand G-d’s revelation.

v16: What they are witnessing is a fulfillment of prophecy. Peter used prophecy to explain to the people what was happening. He could not have communicated what G-d was up to (establishing His church) without setting it within the context of prophetic truth. That is why it is so important for us to be a prophetically literate people (we need to understand Zechariah, Isaiah, Amos etc so that we can be those who can explain to people what is happening in the world around us in these last days – Daniel 11:33, Dan 12:3)

v17- 21: Quoted from Joel 2:28-32 – notice the slight differences when you compare the two readings.

v17: Peter and the Apostles believed they were in the last days (Heb 1:1-2)…2000years ago they were at the beginning of them. 2000yrs later we are (according to the signs we are already witnessing) are on the brink of the end of the last days. The final seven years of the last days will bring about total fulfillment of this prophecy from Joel.

· ‘All flesh’: – the Holy Spirit is available to all of humanity who have accepted the gospel.

· ‘Shall prophesy’- Prophets spoke truth that brought about repentance

· Sons and daughters – male and female. This goes back to G-d’s original purpose in Genesis.

· These visions and dreams do not originate with us.

v18: ‘Servants’- if we are willing to serve G-d this will impact our lives. The Holy Spirit anointing is only for the servants of G-d.

v19: These supernatural events didn’t take place 2000yrs ago so they still have future fulfilment – again reminiscent of Mt Sinai – Ex 20:18-21 – At Mt Sinai G-d wanted to reveal Himself to the people but they rejected Him then, choosing to listen to man rather than G-d. G-d wanted them to become new creations who didn’t want to sin. The Holy Spirit gives us this potential when we are walking in obedience, and walking in the fear of the L-rd.

v20: The moon turns to blood at the time of the rapture (see also Rev 6:12-17 – we are raptured after a great persecution but before the wrath of G-d falls – as we are not subject to the wrath of G-d 1 Thess 5:9, but we are told that we are going to suffer persecution Matt 24:9-14)

· At the second coming of Yeshua (a different event to the rapture) the moon doesn’t shine (Matt 24:29, see also Rev 20:22-27)

v21:When we call on the name of the L-rd we are saved from the wrath of G-d (Noah, Lot )

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