The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 4

Acts 2:37-47

v37: The people who heard were convicted and were willing to do whatever Peter told them to do.

· This verse is not implying that salvation can be obtained by works. The people wanted to know how to respond to what Peter had shared with them.

v38: Peter gave them commands. We are NOT saved by commands, but they do teach us how to respond specifically to the free gift of salvation. (when we are given a gift we have to still take it and unwrap it – a work is done but that work doesn’t earn the gift or detract from it)

· The “wrapping” on salvation is repentance – repentance causes us to change our direction and go toward G-d.

· Baptism is a testimony of our faith in what Yeshua did (Roms 6:3-5) Baptism changed the status of the vessel/person being immersed.

· Sin has to be dealt with, and turned away from, if we want the Promise of G-d – His Holy Spirit.

v39: The Holy Spirit is related to a promise/a covenant -redemption (Isaiah 59:20-21)

· The Bible places emphasis on the next generation – we need to be Kingdom minded, teaching and taking others there with us (Deut 6:6-7)

· All those far away – that’s us who are in the nations! This gospel message is very inclusive (John 3:16-18)

v40: How true is this cry for us in this generation today?! Perverse/corrupt = out of order. This generation is not reflecting the order or purpose of G-d.

· Again… We cannot save ourselves. But we do have the ability to respond – we can say “yes” to the purposes of G-d. It is only through salvation, by the working of the Holy Spirit, that we can begin to live and move in G-d’s order and purposes.

v41: The fruit of that gospel message (see Acts 2:33), presented the way that it was, caused the people to respond by being baptized and resulted in 3000 people being saved.

v42: To continue steadfastly means that they were devoted to it. They did it frequently and consistently.

· Part of the sanctification process is to be devoted to the Apostles doctrine(the Word of G-d). This Word (Truth) unifies us who love it and enables us to fellowship together.

· They spent time with each other

· The closer we are to people the more likely we are to intercede for them.

v43: Another way ‘fear’ can be translated is “awe”. Having a fear of G-d causes us to respect Him and prioritize Him in all things.

· Wonders are miraculous things that only G-d can bring about.

· Signs have to do with revelation (eg a signpost is not the destination but it shows us how to get there) G-d doesn’t just meet needs by doing miracles but He reveals something to us about His will/ purposes (we will see examples of this very clearly through the next few chapters)

v44: This in itself is a sign and a wonder! It doesn’t happen naturally. Every part of the congregation was a concern to every member of it.

v45: This does not mean that they liquidated everything they had. They sold those things that they had in excess to meet specific needs within the congregation. Business decisions were being made in order to help one another. Decisions were not just based on individual need but on corporate needs

v46: This supernatural unity again emphasized.

· They did not live segregated from the temple. They stayed there by choice – testifying that they were believers in the G-d of Israel.

v47: ‘Favour’- they had a unique testimony before others, before the unsaved.

· Because of the testimony of the believer’s lives the L-rd was able to add to them.

When we live lives that demonstrate faith and sanctification, it has an impact on others. G-d saving others does not happen in a vacuum. Our testimonies do make a difference!

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