The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 20 Part 2

We are going to finish off Acts chapter 20 – v13-38

v13 When Paul went by foot it would have been so that he could go from village to village sharing G-d’s Word to more people.  

v14-15 These are verifiable places. The journey is able to be plotted on a map and the times taken to reach each destination is legitimate. This is a book of fact and not just a made-up story.

v16 Paul’s destination was Jerusalem.  

  • He had not been in Jerusalem for the Feast of Unleavened bread so he wanted to get there in time for Pentecost (from an OT perspective Pentecost was associated with the giving of the Word and with the commandments of G-d at Mt Sinai. From a NT perspective it was associated with the giving of the Holy Spirit.)

v17 we are going to see that Paul called them out for a meeting and it was to be his farewell address to them.  

v18 Paul is no longer going to have an opportunity to influence the Ephesian church. He wants to leave them with an important testimony about his commitment to G-d.  

v19 1Pt 5:5-6

  • With Yeshua as L-rd of Paul’s life he lived in a way that demonstrated humility and commitment. People were against him because of his faithfulness and the impact he was having.  

v20 He had a positive influence in their lives. Paul preached to large crowds and to small families. He took every opportunity to share the gospel.  

v21 repentance involves a desire to turn away from sin. Repentance comes before faith. If someone is not wanting to turn from their sin then they are not ready for the gospel. (People need to understand what sin is. Without conviction of sin there is no repentance from it. Only after conviction of sin can the grace of the gospel be received) 

v22 Paul knew G-d wanted him to go to Jerusalem and he knew something was going to happen to him there.  

v23 Paul is spiritually sensitive. This tribulation that Paul faces is not the discipline of G-d but attacks from the enemy.  

v24 He wants to be where G-d wants him to be, doing what G-d wants him to do. Nothing else is as important as that.  

v25 Foreshadows that something is about to happen to Paul.

v26 See Ezekiel 3:17-21

v28 This is a call for diligence (1 Pt 5:8)

  • These elders have been given a call and a responsibility from the Holy Spirit.  
  • The elders need to feed their people on the Word of G-d.  

v29 Wolves (individuals from outside the congregation) devour the flock (G-d’s people).  This passage is about tribulation, hardship, attack from the enemy.  

v30 Some people within the church will want to have their own following instead of building up the congregation of G-d.  

v31: 3 years speaks of consistency. He wept as he knew many would not take his words seriously.  

v32 Those who are sanctified and those who are set apart for a Kingdom purpose. The gospel prepares us to be Kingdom minded workers and to be people who reflect Kingdom character.  

v33 Paul was not about money. He was about service.  

v34 When Paul was not teaching he was working to earn his own living.  

v35 When we are in this earthly body it is a time to give. When we have our new body, it is then our time to receive. This is the mindset we should have.  

v37 Paul was greatly loved by them. 

v38 After their goodbyes they took Paul to the ship – his means of departure from them

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