The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 21 Part 1

Acts 21:1-16

v1 “Straight” – travelled with purpose.  Cos is a Greek island not far from the Turkish border.  

v2 The first ship only went as far as Patara so they had to disembark and board another boat. 

v3 Historically Cyprus was calmer on that side and better for sailing. (remember Syria then was part of Lebanon today – so it was on the coast)

v4 The Holy Spirit was warning Paul that he was going to suffer in Jerusalem. The purpose was not for Paul to flee or to avoid going to Jerusalem, but he was told these things in order to spiritually prepare himself (in the last days we need to prepare ourselves for intense persecution)

v6 Paul is saying his final goodbyes to people😔. 

v7 Ptolemais is called Akko or Acre today.  

v8 Philip was one of the men chosen with Steven to distribute food to the needy (see Acts 6:3-6) so that the Apostles could focus on prayer and on the Word of G-d.  

v11 Paul was going to be dealt with very similarly to the way Yeshua had been dealt with (bound and handed over to the Gentiles – Mark 15:1)

v12 In a sense this can also be seen as (loving) opposition. The people who loved Paul wanted good for him. The good we want for others might not be for their best (from the perspective of eternity) 

v13 Paul saw their love and concern and understood why they didn’t want him to go, but he also understood that G-d had called him to bear witness to the nations (Acts 9:15-16) Paul also understood that he was called to suffer and Agabus’ message was there to prepare him for that.  

v14 This should have been their response and prayer from the get go.  

v15 Paul’s travelling companions knew things were going to be difficult but they continued going and did not withdraw either.  

v16 Mnason had been a disciple for a very long time.

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