The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 23 Part 2

Acts 23:16-35

v17 Paul’s nephew was probably in his early teens. Normally a centurion wouldn’t take orders from a prisoner, but, miraculously, he was willing to submit and respond to Paul’s request.  

v19 The commander (probably as a way to calm the boys fear) taking the boy by the hand shows us how young Paul’s nephew was.  

v23 That’s a total of 470 armed guards to guard Paul as he was moved out of Jerusalem to a safer location (Caesarea was a Roman city) -this shows how great the threat against Paul was. 

v24 Instead of being tried by the Sanhedrin Paul would now be tried by a Roman court. This was a lot more security for Paul

v26 Claudius Lysias  could have been the name of the commander but was more likely a term for the Roman tribunal in Jerusalem – of which this man was the head.  

v27 He embellished the truth here – implying that he saved Paul because he was Roman (he only found this out much later when they were about to interrogate Paul)

v28 Often the Romans would not interfere with the process of Jewish law as long as it didn’t involve their own Roman citizens.  

v29 From a Roman standpoint Paul didn’t deserve to be in prison and certainly not deserving of death. The charges against him were not clearly defined.  

v30 The accusers now would also have to travel to Caesarea (a few days journey) if they wanted to continue accusing Paul.

v31 Antipatris was also a Roman stronghold. Caesarea was +- 90kms from Jerusalem and couldn’t be reached in a day.  

v32 He was down to a guard of 70 men

v35 Governor Felix indicated that he was going to give Paul a fair trial. Paul just had to wait for his accusers to catch up to him.

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