The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 25 Part 1

Acts 25v1-12.

v2 They were wanting for Festus to turn Paul over to them.  

v3 “A favour” implies that the merit/legitimacy of their case was not proper.  

  • These people knew they wouldn’t win the trial by fair means and so they wanted to take the matter into their own hands.  

v4 The intention of Festus was not to stay in Jerusalem for a long time and he wanted to go quickly back to Caesarea (see the verse in 

v5 Festus is saying that Paul is going to have a Roman trial and is going to remain in Caesarea.  This bodes well for Paul.  

v6 Festus had wanted to go to Caesarea but we see here that he delayed going for quite a while. Maybe they were trying to convince Festus to do what they wanted him to do? They kept him there in order to try to butter him up?? 

  • He wasted no time once he got back to Caesarea to see that Paul was brought to trial though🤔

v7 They wanted to give the impression (just like they did with Yeshua) that Paul was a dangerous man and had committed horrible crimes. However,  they had no proof. (Roman law demanded evidence, Jewish law required two or three witnesses – Deut 19:15, Matt 18:15-17)

v8 Paul refuted 3 accusations they were bringing against him(they didn’t accuse him of breaking the law of Moses so he didn’t need to defend himself on that front) 

1. The law of the Jews =the oral law or the traditions of the elders. Paul said he was not guilty of this. 

2. The temple – Paul had taken Jewish men from the diaspora into the temple but he had made sure they had been properly prepared and were clean to enter it (Acts 21:23-24, v26-29)

3. Paul was also not guilty of breaking Roman law

v9 We see here that that time that Festus spent in Jerusalem with the Jewish leaders is beginning to pay off for them…. 🤔

  • This was either Festus possibly seeking a bribe from Paul or a veiled threat to send Paul back to Jerusalem for judgement.  

v10 As a Roman citizen Paul had a right to receive judgement in a Roman court. Festus knows the charges brought against Paul were false. The deceit and corruption of Festus is evident.  

v11 Paul wants a righteous judgement and is willing to suffer the consequences of wrong actions.  

  • Paul not only knew Torah law very well but he also knew Roman law and what his rights were. We need to know not only how G-d works but also how the enemy works so that we are able to discern unrighteous ways
  • Paul requesting to go before Caesar was a legal action. Caesar himself would then need to hear Paul’s case and hand down judgement. 

v12 Paul had backed Festus into a corner. Festus had to legally allow Paul to go to Caesar.  

The prophecy of Acts 9:15-16 is going to be fulfilled – Paul will speak before the kings/rulers of the Gentiles!

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