The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 25 Part 2

Acts 25v13-27

v13 Another leader that G-d is seemingly bringing before Paul in order for him to influence. History tells us that Bernice was Agrippa’s sister.  

v15 They didn’t ask for a trial for Paul but they were seeking a verdict of death/condemnation

v18 Festus seemed to have been caught off guard as he expected something else rather than a matter of religious dogma.  

v19 In a Roman court any statement made was legal/binding and if found to be false the man who made the statement could be put to death.  Paul claimed Yeshua was alive and was willing to stake his life on it! The resurrection is foundational for our faith as believers.  (Roms 10:9)

v20 As a religious matter it would make sense to have it judged in Jerusalem.  

v21 Festus is in a pickle now as Caesar would not have been happy to receive a case brought before him about religion with nothing to do with Roman law. Festus is reluctant to send Paul to Caesar on these grounds, but he also cannot just release Paul either now as Calling on Caesar was legally binding. It would reflect poorly on Festus if he were not able to handle what Caesar would consider a “minor” case.  

v23 Usually the most honoured person enters the room last and everybody waits for them to arrive.  This is unusual. Usually the prisoner would be waiting and everything would be readied to receive the people of prominence.(God honors His Own Name as well as His servants)

v24 Paul was given center stage. 

  • The leaders were obsessed with Paul’s death

v25 Paul was in conflict with the leaders (the “old guard”) because G-d was wanting to bring a holy and righteous change into His land and the leaders wanted none of it. They were resistant to change and wanted to hold on to their traditions (Many of which were no longer going to be applicable when the temple fell in AD 70)

v26 Festus wanted something weightier and more specific to legitimize sending Paul to Rome.

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