The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 26 Part 2

Acts 26:19-32

v19 Paul wants Agrippa to understand that he was responding to a revelation from heaven.  

v20 What an incredible verse!😃 Repentance is foundational to the gospel. Yeshua proclaimed it (Matt 4:17) as did John the Baptist (Matt 3:1-12) and now Paul does as well. 

  • Once we have repented we need to live/behave in a way that shows that we no longer live in the way that we used to.  

v22 Time after time G-d delivered Paul so that he could bear witness to others.  

  • Paul said nothing contrary to what had already been revealed through Moses or the prophets. Prophecy is very important. Through the prophets we get a proper perspective of the person and work of Yeshua. 

v23 The order is always to the Jew first and then to the Gentiles.  

v25 What Paul is saying is sound and is founded upon truth.  

v26 All the things that Paul is sharing about are familiar and not foreign to those who have studied or know some Scripture. It was not hidden away and difficult to find.  

v27 Again an emphasis on the prophets – the prophets had testified boldly and clearly about G-d’s prophetic program and how to understand Messiah – Yeshua.  

v29 Paul was not only wanting Agrippa to believe/come to faith but also all the high-ranking officers, as well as the leading men of the city etc. The most influential men in that place heard the gospel loud and clear. Paul wants them to have the same perspective, commitment and faith as he did.  

v31 They pronounced Paul “not guilty” of doing anything wrong.  

v32 These men saw it as an unfortunate incident, that Paul had made a mistake, when he appealed to Caesar. They did not realize that that appeal was being used as an instrument for G-d to take Paul to where He wanted him to be -having an audience with the Caesar in Rome.

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