The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 27 Part 3

Acts 27: 27-44

v27 The Adriatic Sea is part of the Med – near Greece and the Greek islands.  

v28 A sounding was a method whereby the sailors would lower something into the water to figure out if the water was getting deeper or shallower (Obviously the closer to land they were the shallower the water was). 

v29 These anchors were now intended to slow the ship down and buy them some time.  

v30 The sailors knew it was dangerous to stay on the boat, under those conditions, so they were going to escape on the lifeboat

v31 Paul is again prophesying.  He has been accurate every step of the way so the centurion and the soldiers are beginning to believe what he is saying and are now willing to submit to what he says.  

v32 They had preserved that lifeboat throughout their treacherous voyage and now the soldiers cut it loose🤣The sailors must have been devastated. No-one could now leave the ship and no-one could save themselves. 

v34 The men would have been weak and needed to be physically strong in order to cope with what they were about to endure.  Paul also knows that they would soon be on land so the supplies don’t need to be guarded and preserved any longer. They are going to physically be saved. Those who have listened to Paul and heard what has been said also have an opportunity for spiritual salvation as well.  

v35 It is after eating and being satisfied that people are able to praise G-d (Deutv8:10)

v36 Encouraged to eat but also encouraged by Paul’s words.  

v40 They had to let go of everything. In many ways this symbolizes what Spirit- led believers are called to do – let go of everything and allow (trust) the Holy Spirit to direct us.  

v41 They were stuck in the place where the waves going in meet the waves going out.  

v43 The prisoners were spared/saved on account of Paul being one of them.  What incredible grace G-d showed to those men! It was a torrid time temporarily but hopefully many were saved eternally (reminds me of the repentant thief on the cross next to Yeshua- How blessed he was to go through such an ordeal and yet exit it as a saved man. What grace shown toward him!) 

v44 “The rest” were those who couldn’t swim.  

The cargo and ship were damaged beyond repair but EVERY person was saved.

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