The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 3 Part 1

We begin this week by reading Acts 3:1-10

v1:After the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Peter and John remained in Jerusalem rather than going back to Galilee – their lives were changed.

· Prayer was a consistent priority in their lives – they did not separate from the Jewish community but were very much still a part of it.

· In Judaism, on a typical day, prayers are said three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening)

v2: Walking (see Col 2:6 in is an important term in Judaism and speaks about a lifestyle. Miracles (like a signpost) are G-d’s visual aids.

They often carry a theological message to us, not necessarily for the purpose of showing the power of G-d but to relate more information to us, teach us something. John 21:25 (the miracles recorded for us have been purposefully and specifically chosen for what they reveal to us)

· Although we may not be physically lame from birth, sin has caused us all to be spiritually lame. We cannot walk before G-d like we should, and we all need the miracle of salvation.

· One of the signs pointing to the Messiah was that He was going to make the lame walk (Isaiah 35:5-6)

· This man, being lame, did not have a pleasing walk before G-d.

· He was left at an entrance to the temple called “Beautiful” (fitting and appropriate) He was the exact opposite of all that gate represented. Prophetically this can teach us that G-d does not see how we look today but He sees us in light of His completed workmanship in our lives.

v4: “Look at us! ” – to be a recipient of the truth of G-d we need to pay attention.

v5: This man is the one who is usually asking for something but now the shoe is on the other foot (so to speak) and he is being asked to give something to them – his attention. He is, however, still expecting to receive something from them.

v6:The man was hoping for financial blessing but he was being given an opportunity to be reconciled to G-d – to walk and live for G-d.

· It is only through Yeshua (meaning salvation or Savior) that we can have salvation.

· “Rise up” – this gives us an image of resurrection. It is a call to get up and to walk in a changed way.

v7: G-d supernaturally restored him and gave him something he had never had.

v8: This miracle parallels our experience spiritually. We were spiritually lame. In Yeshua’s name we have been saved and given supernatural strength to serve G-d and do His will. We are given the ability to walk – to be in the order G-d created us to be in. This should lead us to an attitude of Thanksgiving and praise for what G-d has done in our lives- this should be visible to all.

v9: This text is emphasizing his walk – he is now living in a proper way before G-d and before the people (we opened up in verse 1 with how Peter and John’s lives were also radically transformed and changed by the power of the Holy Spirit).

v10: Matt 3:8 Are we living in a way that others can see the change that Yeshua has brought about in our lives?

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