The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 3 Part 2

Acts 3:11-26

v11:To hold onto, to cling to – this word is often used in speaking of clinging to the Word or commandments of G-d (Deut 10:20,Ps 119v:31 etc) This man held onto what he knew was good. Not only was he impacted by this miracle but also those around him (and even us today)

v12:Power and G-dliness are linked together here. Living righteously anoints a person with power.

v13: There is a change in emphasis – from the man to Israel (far wider implications than for just one person)

· Whenever the patriarchs are mentioned we are reminded of faith and promise.

v14: They made an important error in judgement – the only One who could provide grace they rejected, allowing a murderer to receive grace.

v15: Life can only begin through Yeshua – author and founder of life (physical as well as eternal).

v16:There is power in the name of Yeshua – He is able to bring about perfect and complete restoration to our broken (lame) lives.

v17: Verse 13 and 14 suggest to us that they knew what they were doing but this verse tells us that they were ignorant of how wrong they were by doing what they did. They did not realize the full implications of their actions.

v18: Again… So important to have prophetic understanding so that we can understand the implications of Yeshua in His suffering – for each of us and for the world.

v19: When we repent (turn towards G-d) our sins are blotted out (if we don’t turn to Messiah our names are blotted out -Ex 32:31-33)

· ‘Times of refreshing’- brought into a place of a more appropriate and pleasing spiritual condition.

v20: Times of refreshing are tied to the coming again of Yeshua – our blessed hope (Titus 2:13)

v21: Yeshua is in heaven right now

· A time is coming, and is nearly here, when G-d is going to put everything back into its proper condition – this is going to happen during the Millennial reign of Messiah (Roms 8:18-25)

v22: This is quoted from Deut 18 (read from v14-19 for context)

Peter is identifying Yeshua as the One who was raised up in order to bring about this restoration.

v23: “Utterly destroyed”- Cut off (brought to total destruction or annihilation).

v24: We have no excuses. It has been clearly told to mankind for thousands of years.

v25: Peter is speaking to Jewish people, to Israel.

v26: Throughout the book of Acts we are going to see this principal at play – first to the Jew and then to the Gentile (Roms 1:16)

· There was never a time when the Father did not exist without His Son. Like an earthly son should, Yeshua submits to the will of His Father and ultimately Yeshua will inherit all things from His Father.

· Yeshua came to transform our lives so that we do not have to live in a way that G-d considers wicked or evil.

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