The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 4 Part 1

Acts 4:1-18

v1: The Sadducees (who had the controlling majority in the Sanhedrin) were the governing body for Israel from a political and spiritual perspective. They did not believe in an afterlife (resurrection etc) and anything miraculous they wanted to discredit.

v2: (see Matt 26:59) They had tried to blot out the name of Yeshua but were now vexed because the Apostles were proclaiming that He had risen (confirming the power of Yeshua’s name as well as the coming of His Kingdom)

v3-4:The Sanhedrin wanted them to be in bondage HOWEVER (a word of contrast) G-d continued to bring freedom and liberty (from the world’s bondage) to people.

v5: Rulers had political connections, elders were chosen by the people as leaders and teachers of the law/scribes were experts in Biblical interpretation.

v6:An important group of people

v7: The Apostles were questioned in front of this intimidating group – Possibly in order to cause them to more easily submit.

v8:When someone believes they are filled with the Holy Spirit.

· Peter addressed them respectfully.

V9: A “helpless” man, weak, a cripple – this is applicable to all of us. We can all find healing. This man did not play a role in either his physical or spiritual healing.

v10: Peter knew this group didn’t believe in the resurrection, but he did not compromise or change the truth – even though this was an intimidating group of people.

· Whole = healed. He is now living in a state that is in accordance with the will of G-d.

v11: Quoted from Ps 118:22

· It is a verse that refers to Yeshua.

· The builders are those leaders who were supposed to build the kingdom

· They rejected (loathed) the very One who was foundational in establishing that Kingdom.

v12: There is only ONE means of salvation. Only ONE way and only ONE name has been given to us by which we can be saved. We can only get to the Father through faith in the Son (John 14:6). Never do we see that by faith in the Father can we come to the Son.

v13: Peter and John were confident in what they were sharing. They knew that what they shared was true. That confidence made an impression on these leaders.

· They had been with Yeshua (the Word) and had confidence in the Word of G-d.

v14: This man showed his loyalty, faith and commitment by staying with Peter and John throughout their arrest and questioning.

v15: The Sanhedrin’s offices were in the Temple mount area.

· They didn’t want the people to hear what they were talking about So they ejected them from their presence.

v16-17: They couldn’t deny that a miracle had taken place and instead of embracing it they wanted to squash it – even though they were the “spiritual” leaders of the people they were against G-d moving to establish His Kingdom.

v18: This verse is a great indicator that there is power in the name of Yeshua!

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