The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 4 Part 2

Acts 4:19-37

v19: Roms 13:1-5 tells us we need to submit to authority. BUT we cannot obey human authority at the expense of disobeying G-d. If a law is passed in conflict with the commands of G-d then we obey G-d rather than the law.

v20: Peter and John are rejecting the human command (Acts4:18) See Jer 20:8-9

v22: The number 40, throughout the Bible, has to do with a change or transition to something new (Yeshua appeared to them for 40 days after resurrection, 40 years in the wilderness etc)

v23: Their own companions = fellow believers

v24: Here we see that miraculous unity (togetherness) again.

· What is our rationale for obeying G-d? He has created all things and is going to create and establish His Kingdom for eternity. We would be foolish not to obey Him.

v25: Quoted from Ps 2:1

· Nations refer to the leaders in the nations.

v26: Quoted from Ps 2:2. Throughout the ages people have plotted against G-d, but we saw the final fulfilment of this when we studied Revelation – Rev 16:14-16 and 19:11-16.

v27: ‘Holy’ has to do with purpose. Yeshua carried out the purposes of G-d -offering His life as a sacrifice.

v28:What G-d saw beforehand He did not necessarily cause. G-d will never cause someone to go against His will. Disobedience doesn’t glorify G-d but punishing disobedience glorifies Him (shows that He is Just)

· G-d saw that Yeshua was going to be rejected (He didn’t cause Yeshua to be rejected) but His rejection did not stop G-d from fulfilling His purposes.

v29: A prayer we would all be wise to pray – boldness to proclaim the gospel message (what Yeshua has done).

v30: They are asking for G-d’s power and authority.

v31: G-d answered their prayer!

What are we praying for and trusting G-d for…? Are our prayers in accordance with His will? Do we truly believe that G-d answers our prayers?

v32: There was unity even in their resources

v33: G-d gave them power to testify and He gave them grace – grace causes us to deny ourselves and focus on others.

· Do we pray for grace as fervently as we pray for power?

v35: We see a change happening here. We see a change in the authority and leadership in Israel. Up until this time the priests and elders in the temple had the authority but this was shifting to the model we are more familiar with today (G-d knew the temple was going to be destroyed shortly after this -AD 70- and His plans were in action for a transition)

v36-37: The OT law commanded that the tithe be given to the Levites. Now a Levite, instead of being the recipient of the tithe, is giving to the Apostles. This shows a new government of G-d being established (an Apostolic government).

· Encouragement means comfort or consolation. As believers we share in the ministry of Yeshua. We are called to give encouragement, Kingdom comfort, to others.

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