The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 2

We will end off the week by reading Acts 5:12-29

v12: In Acts 3:2 we learnt that miracles are G-d’s visual aids that help in revealing who He is and what He does in the lives of people. G-d was teaching these people in many ways.

· Solomon’s Porch/Colonnade was the closest someone, who was not a Levite or priest, could get to the Temple. It was a place of worship (Worship also involves living sacrificial lives – producing fruit of the Spirit/good deeds)

v13: Those who did not have faith and did not understand the teaching and messages of the miracles did not join the believers.

v14:In contrast to those in v13 these people did have faith and did understand.

· In Acts we see again an emphasis and distinction between male and female – back to G-d’s created purposes(Gen 1:27)

v15-16: The influence didn’t only affect their city but spilt out into the regions beyond.

· Those who were physically and spiritually sick were healed (unclean spirits were being defeated, a Divine stamp of approval on what the Apostles were doing – victory in spiritual warfare)

· ALL were healed – without limitation.

v17: The high priest had aligned himself with the Sadducees(those who didn’t believe in the miraculous)

· The people were excited about the Apostolic authority and leadership but the “old guard” were not happy and felt that their leadership was being usurped.

v18: They decided to exercise their authority – “show the Apostles who is boss” (they represented a small segment of the Jewish population in Jerusalem at the time but they did have a great deal of authority and influence)

v19:When we see the angel of the L-rd in Scripture he is usually related to salvation/deliverance (Many Scriptures you could look up about him)

· There is a relationship between redemption and nighttime/midnight- (Ex 12:29, Matt 25:6 etc)

v20: G-d’s command was in opposition to what the government had commanded them (Acts 4:18) – G-d also instructed them to go to the most prominent location where they couldn’t hide

· The words of life – John 14:6

v21: They didn’t waste any time in doing what G-d had told them to do. Obedience should be immediate.

· The Sanhedrin opened their morning session and wanted to deal with the Apostles asap.

v22-23: Serious measures were used to guard the Apostles. They had been firmly locked up.

· They had no natural explanation for this sign/miracle – G-d is teaching us here that He is able to do all things. He can release prisoners without those around them even being aware, initially, that they are free (applicable physically but also spiritually)

v25: Defiant in the elder’s eyes but obedient in G-d’s eyes (G-d sees things differently to the way man sees things – Is 55:8-9)

v26:The captain was in charge of the soldiers and his job was to keep order around the temple area.

· The people who they feared would stone them were the Jewish people/inhabitants in Jerusalem. The Apostles were popular and were received by the masses. It was mainly the Jewish leadership who had a problem with them.

v28: THIS name is powerful! THIS name is foundational! THIS name of Yeshua brings about change!

· They were already guilty of Yeshua’s blood and even mentioning the blood of Yeshua shows their sense of guilt.

· They called Yeshua “this man” – they didn’t even want to say His name.

v29: Galatians 1:10

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