The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 3

We will begin this week by ending off Acts 5: Acts 5:30-42

v30: Another reference to G-d the Father raising Yeshua from the dead (see Acts 2:24) Yeshua had the power to raise Himself (John 10:18) but the Scripture emphasizes that He submitted to the will of the Father even in this regard (1 Cor 6:14)

· See Deut 21:22-23 Yeshua took our sin (capital offense) upon Himself. When Yeshua hung on the cross He took the curse (that should have fallen on us) upon Himself.

v31: Yeshua emptied Himself -He never ceased being G-d while on earth, but He did not function in the role of G-d while here. He functioned as a servant (Phil 2:6-8), but then the Father exalted Him (Phil 2:9-11)

· True, Biblical, repentance is a desire to turn away from sin.

v32: The Holy Spirit helps us to obey G-d.

v33:They had just heard of G-d’s provision of repentance. Why would this bring about a desire to kill the bearer of such good news?

v34: Gamaliel had a sensitivity to G-d and gave wise counsel.

· Teacher of the law – he understood the nature and purposes of the commandments and had a different attitude to his peers.

v35: Them = the members of the Sanhedrin

· Gamaliel was warning them.

v36-37:Examples of individuals who rose up against the leaders of Israel but who came to nothing.

v38: “Keep away” (stand down) -things that originate from man will always fail.

v39: As part of the Sanhedrin Gamaliel would have been witness of all that had happened to Yeshua. Now he has heard an apostolic presentation of it (backed up by Scripture) and he cautions his peers not to fight against it.

v40: The leaders respected Gamaliel and they listened to him.

· The Apostles were beaten – an act of intimidation.

· We see again how foundational the name of Yeshua is

v41: When we are obedient to G-d we are filled with joy – no matter what obedience costs us.

· Yeshua’s name again emphasized. Name is synonymous with character. The Apostles spoke in the name of Yeshua, but they also demonstrated the character of Yeshua before the Sanhedrin.

· Suffering disgrace/shame – it is like a badge of honour to be counted worthy to suffer shame like Yeshua did. We want to be like Him…even if it involves suffering.

v42: ‘Daily’ i.e. Day after day – consistent behavior

· In the temple – they did not hide away and teach secretly

· It is difficult to be an effective evangelist if teaching doesn’t come first. If the Word of G-d is not being taught properly there will not be much anointing for evangelism (preaching). All teaching and evangelism needs to be focused on Yeshua.

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