The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 7 Part 2

We read another chunk of chapter 7: Acts 7:15-37

v15: The fathers =the 12 sons of Israel/Jacob

v16: Gen 50:25, Joshua 24:32

· The OT revealed to us that Joseph’s bones were taken out of Egypt but the NT(in this verse) reveals that all the son’s bones were brought back to the land of Canaan(Israel). This verse tells us Abraham brought the tomb (this is NOT referring to the transaction found in Genesis 23),Joshua tells us it was Jacob. Why the difference? Many times in Judaism people will do something in the name of someone else (like a memorial). This could have been like a memorial Jacob dedicated to his father Abraham. Another explanation could be that Shechem was the first place Abram stopped after leaving Haran(Gen 12:6-7) so Jacob could have also redeemed this land which Abram had possibly purchased at an earlier date. Either way -Jacob took ownership of the land G-d had promised to Abraham

v17: This increase of the Jewish people in Egypt was supernatural.

v19: He saw the anointing on G-d’s people and wanted to destroy the seed of Abraham (a type of antichrist, he acted in a deceitful way)

v21: Moses being lifted up/drawn out of the water is another foreshadowing of resurrection.

v23: Another reference to the number 40 (see previously) -alludes to a change/transition.

v25: Like Joseph (like Yeshua) Moses was not seen as a deliverer/redeemer when he first presented himself to the people. (it was when he came back to Egypt -a second “visit”-that tribulation/plagues occurred and he was able to truly deliver his people.

v27: The rejection of Moses parallels the rejection of Yeshua by the house of Israel.

v28: Moses thought he had gotten away with this (Ex 2:12), but he had not.

v30: Another 40years… Another change in Moses’ life.

· Another name for Mt Sinai is Mt Horeb.

v31: Moses went to seek it out, look at it more intently

v32: Whenever the patriarchs are mentioned in the Bible we need to think of the promises of G-d. G-d wanted to fulfill a promise and take the people back to the land of Israel as the promises were tied in with the land.

v34: ‘My people’-G-d is reaffirming the Hebrews as His people. Sin and exile didn’t end His covenantal relationship with them.

v36: Another 40…G-d wanted to bring about change.

v37: This is a key Messianic prophecy found in Deut 18:15-19

· ‘Like me’- this shows us that Moses was a foreshadowing of the Messiah. Yeshua is both judge and ruler/redeemer. He is also Jewish (own people/brethren)

If we are going to testify about Yeshua we need to rightly understand Him. We understand Him by understanding the Old and New Testament (not one without the other – we cannot “unhitch” the Old from the New as some are teaching today)

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