The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 7 Part 3

Let’s finish off Acts 7: Acts 7:38-60

v38: This verse is talking about Moses

· Assembly/congregation = church. Everyone who left Egypt dealt appropriately with the blood of the lamb. Those who are part of the Kingdom of G-d have also done so through the blood of the perfect Lamb – Yeshua.

v39: The people in the wilderness (like those in the Sanhedrin) had received revelation but they rejected it and refused to obey.

v40: When Moses went up the mountain and “disappeared ” the people were told to wait for his return (theological significance in that). They, however, weren’t interested in where Moses wanted to lead them. They longed for their past (sinful) life -see 2 Pt 3:3-10

v41: If we are not interested in the things/commands of G-d we too would quickly fall into idolatry. They rejoiced in their own works and not in G-d’s great work.

v42: ‘The worship of the heavenly bodies/host of heaven” = the demonic realm.

· G-d was not pleased with the offerings they offered up in the desert.

v43: Amos 5:25-27

Moloch was the pagan G-d who children were sacrificed to. When we move away from G-d we do unimaginable things.

· Babylon was another exile. By rejecting Yeshua the Sanhedrin could also expect to go into exile (which they did in AD 70 to this present day.)

v44: This tabernacle was a pattern for what would later be the temple in Jerusalem. Heb 8:5

v45: Joshua and Yeshua are very similar names – both meaning salvation. Joshua led the people into the promised land (Kingdom) – just as Yeshua will too when He returns.

· G-d cast the nations out of the land of Israel

v45: When David is mentioned we are reminded of the seed of David. Yeshua the Messiah/Christ.

v46: Jacob, being a patriarch, is a reminder of the promises of G-d. G-d’s reward/favour leads to worship.

v49: Isaiah 66:1-2

Rest (in Kingdom context) has nothing to do with someone needing to lie down and nap. It is a gift that has to do with intimacy and fellowship.

v50: The only one who can truly make a dwelling place for G-d is G-d Himself.

v51: Stiff necked people are unwilling to bow(submit) or humble themselves.

· They resist the Spirit – rebel against G-d’s order. Uncircumcised = walk in the flesh rather than in the Spirit.

v52: Mattv23:35-37

· Betrayers (traitors) and murderers – the heritage of those who reject prophecy

v54: They were convicted – but it was not a righteous conviction.

v55: ‘Gazed into heaven’- Stephen had a Kingdom expectation.

v57: They covered their ears as they didn’t want to hear what Stephen was saying

v60: Fell on his knees – shows Stephen’s submission.

· What he said is very similar to what Yeshua said on the cross (Lk 23:34) instead of calling out for his own salvation he was interceding for theirs.

· Fell asleep is an idiom for dying. When we sleep we expect to wake up – this speaks of a future hope in the resurrection.

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