The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 8 Part 3

Acts 8:26-40

v26: Angels minister to us so that we can serve G-d more effectively(Heb 1:14)

v27: Philip was obedient to the Word.

· This verse tells us a lot about this man – He was Ethiopian, Jewish, a eunuch (usually single, and single-minded therefore an asset in a kingdom), and he was an official in charge of finance. Many Ethiopian Jews are back in the land of Israel today (see “Operation Moses” for this history)

v28: In Acts there is an emphasis on the workings of the Holy Spirit but there is also an emphasis on prophecy. The Holy Spirit and prophecy work hand in hand (there is a strong relationship between them)

v31: Traditionally in Judaism people understand that there is a benefit to reading the Word of G-d even if they don’t fully comprehend it with their human intellect. The Word of the L-rd will never return void (Isaiah 55:10-11).

v32-33: This quote is taken from Isaiah 53:7-8

· Yeshua fulfilled this prophecy at his trial and crucifixion (see also Mark 15:3-5)

v35: If we rightly understand this text we see that the gospel is an invitation for us to share the message of the judgement and the shame that Yeshua suffered on our behalf.

v36: This verse reveals to us that Philip spoke to the eunuch about the death, burial and resurrection of Yeshua and he set it within the context of baptism.

· The Ethiopian understood that it was not enough to just hear and understand the gospel but it demands a response

v37: To believe with the heart means to believe in your thinking (Prov 23:7). The Ethiopian had to be fully convinced that Yeshua had redeemed him (by His blood) and that He, as the Messiah, was also divine (ie. G-d).

v39: The eunuch was completely immersed in the water. Sprinkling, pouring etc is not an acceptable means of baptism.

· The word used here for Philip being suddenly taken or snatched away is the same way used in relation to the rapture (1 Thess 4:17)

· When we are recipients of the ministry of the Holy Spirit it will lead us to joy/worship.

v40: Azotus is also called Ashdod (it is not far from Gaza)

· Philip was an evangelist. When the Holy Spirit works in a person’s life his ministry is going to be evangelistic in nature (sharing the gospel and leading people into the worship of G-d)

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