The Book of Acts Bible Study Chapter 9 Part 3

Acts 9:32-43

G-d never changes, but He changes us so that we can walk with Him…

v32: This is a place close to where Tel Aviv is today.

v33: Again we see someone (like in Acts 3) who is paralyzed, there is no activity going on in his life. Spiritually we could ask ourselves this question: is there activity/evidence of the Holy Spirit in our lives or are the things of this world keeping us down, paralyzing us?

Many, many miracles were performed(John 21:25). Those that we can read about are not there by random chance but are there to teach us and to train us on how we are to live.

v34: Aeneas was healed but there were no visible signs of healing until he actually physically responded in obedience to “get up”…and do something.

· Taking care of his mat was the closing of a chapter for him. He was given a new beginning.

· “Immediately” – his obedience to the command was instant.

v35: When we hear and obey G-d we have a testimony that others can see – our testimonies can cause others to turn to the L-rd.

v36 Jaffa (Joppa) is an ancient port city in Tel Aviv today.

· Dorcas is in direct contrast to Aeneas. She is not paralyzed (spiritually) but she is out and about – doing amazing works. She has a good reputation and testimony in her community and lives are changed because of her.

v37: “In those days… “- the same time as the miracle of healing had happened for Aeneas.

· She died – sometimes obedience can cause us to become physically or spiritually tested.

· Dead people were dealt with quickly (as we saw with Ananias and Sapphira) so these people did a very unusual thing for Dorcas – this washing of her body and putting her in a room was not an act of tradition but an act of faith. The people expected G-d to move.

v39: The weeping of the widows suggests that they were faithless (much like the people who were wailing for Jairus’ daughter – Lk 5:38-42)

· The widows were also showing Peter all of Dorcas’ good deeds – almost suggesting that a miracle needed to be done for her because of her good deeds. Miracles are always an act of G-d’s grace/mercy and are NOT dependent on our good deeds.

v40: She experienced resurrection life.

v42: Testimony is so vitally important!

v43: A tanner worked with dead animals – making leather from their hides. This meant that a tanner was always ritually unclean. This is a very important point to remember as we go into chapter 10 where we see a transformation of unclean being made clean.

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