The Book of Acts Chapter 5 Part 1

Acts 5:1-11

v1:The word used here for property (In the NKJV translated “possession”) refers to a field that was used for grazing livestock.

v2: Ananias (and Sapphira) would have been fully within his rights to have kept as much of the money as he wanted to keep. He was into appearances and wanted to give the impression to the other believers that he had sacrificed and given the full value of monies received. Whenever we distort or misrepresent truth we are not behaving under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

· He seemed so submissive – also laying it at the feet of the Apostles (the apostles did not demand or ask for this money. It was a gift) He gave the money to Apostolic ministry – BUT G-d’s work is not furthered by deceit.

v3: Peter wants to know what is going on with Ananias’ thought process.

v4: In verse 3 we read that he lied to the Holy Spirit (see John 16:13-15 -I love how the Spirit of truth is revealed and proclaimed in the midst of a story of lies) Here we are told that he lied to G-d. These two statements reveal to us the divinity of the Holy Spirit and His part in the trinity – this word does not appear in the Bible but the doctrine of trinity appears in many places. We only have one G-d (Deut 6:4, Mark 12:29) Within the trinity there are three distinct persons but ONE G-d.

v5: The judgement on Ananias fell immediately.

· This kind of fear has to do with giving G-d priority and reverence. It’s not a fear that should cause us to flee but one that should cause us to obey, submit, draw closer to G-d by obedience to Him.

v6: In Judaism burial happens quickly. Burying the dead is of utmost importance and takes precedence over all things. Only after the burial does the mourning period truly begin.

v7: Biblically a woman is created to be a help to her husband – not to help him to do evil or to follow his own desires but to encourage and help him to do good – the will of G-d.

v8: Peter quoted a specific price to her and she (obviously in on Ananias’ deceit) confirmed that this was indeed the “full” amount.

v9: Again we see a reference to the Holy Spirit but this time it is used with a term usually associated with Yeshua – L-rd. It is only when we submit to the L-rdship of Yeshua and walk in

truth the Holy Spirit is able to function mightily in and through our lives. When we hinder the Holy Spirit by behaving deceitfully this does not lead to life but leads to death.

v10: “At…feet” has been emphasized in this passage. The apostles had the tithe laid at their feet and now we see Sapphira dead at Peter’s feet. This shows us that the role of the Apostles was to minister (receive from others in order to meet the needs of the needy) but it was also to exercise authority – when they were challenged or lied to they were able to administer judgement (1 Cor 6:1-5)

· Sapphira received the equal punishment of her partner in deceit. G-d is a G-d of equality and does not show favoritism (Roms 2:11, Acts 10:34-35)

v11: When we walk in the fear of the L-rd we are not going to lie, deceive or distort truth. The church is called to live like this – in the fear of the L-rd. G-d’s truth doesn’t only impact the church but it also makes an impression on those outside of the church and hopefully causes people to be changed.

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