The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 44 Part 1


We begin this week by reading Isaiah 44:1-8

v1: Hear: This is a command. It is a word that implies the necessity to respond. We need to hear, understand and urgently respond to this revelation. 

  • Now: At this time. It is a word that always comes within the context of urgency and has significant implications. 
  • Jacob…Israel: These two words are parallel to each other. This portion of Scripture is speaking about the Jewish people – the descendants of Jacob. 
  • My servant…whom I have chosen: These two concepts are also parallel to each other. G-d is revealing that the Jewish people are indeed His servants. They have been chosen, called, by G-d to be a blessing to the nations (Gen 12:3). The gifts and call that G-d has given to them are irrevocable (Roms 11:26-29). This means that G-d will not cast off His people. They fell into disobedience and rebellion, they were thrown out of the land and into exile, but we can be assured that G-d is going to bring back a remnant. G-d is going to use Israel, especially in the last days. In the last days, G-d is going to demonstrate His faithfulness and He is going to fulfil His covenantal obligations to Israel. In the last days G-d is going to be pleased with Israel. The Gentile nations, when they see G-d’s fidelity to the Jewish people, are going to be moved. They are going to have a greater understanding and appreciation for the One True G-d of Israel (Ezekiel 37:28). 

v2: Formed: Fashioned 

  • From the womb: G-d, in a unique way, formed and fashioned Israel from its very beginning, from its inception. G-d has a call and purpose for Israel. This call has not been rendered void but is still relevant. Its relevance will be manifested in the last days before the Kingdom of G-d is established. 
  • Jeshurun: This is another name for the Jewish people. It is a word that means ‘upright’ or ‘straight’.  G-d, knowing the future, sees the time when Israel is going to be a straight and upright people before Him. 
  • Jeshurun, whom I have chosen: G-d’s choice of Israel is tied to the Abrahamic covenant. G-d has chosen to use the people of Israel to be instruments of blessing to the nations of the world (one of the fulfilments of being a blessing was that Messiah came from the house of Jacob, the Jewish people). 

v3: Pour water on him who is thirsty: Many of the Christian scholars understand this to mean that there’s going to be a famine of the Word of G-d. The world is going to be parched, thirsty, for Biblical revelation.

  • Floods on the dry ground: This all foreshadows the change that’s coming to the world. When Israel is receiving the waters of life (through Scriptural revelation) it’s going to bring about a change in the world. A physical change happens in Israel as a foretaste of a spiritual change that is coming (Luke 21:29-32). 
  • Pour My Spirit on your descendants: Israel is going to have a spiritual experience. Their spiritual awakening is a requirement for the Kingdom of G-d to be established (Luke 13:34-35). 
  • Your offspring: Your heritage. The next generations. 

v4: This is symbolic language assuring us that a time is coming when Israel is going to come alive, spring to life, spiritually. This is good news.

v5: I am the L-rd’s: I belong to the L-rd.

  • Call himself by the name (character) of Jacob: They are going to submit to G-d’s plans and purposes for Israel. They will desire to be a blessing and a light to the nations. 

Note: This verse assures us that G-d is not finished with Israel. 

v6: The L-rd, the King of Israel: Many scholars say that these are terms referring to G-d the Father. 

  • King…Redeemer: This is a Messianic prophecy. 
  • His Redeemer, the L-rd of hosts: Messiah is the L-rd of hosts. 
  • The L-rd…and His Redeemer: There is a unity between G-d the Father and Messiah (G-d the Son). 
  • I am the First and I am the Last: This is a phrase used in Revelation 1:10-17 to speak specifically about Yeshua and not about G-d the Father. 
  • I am the First and I am the Last; besides Me there is no G-d: This speaks of the divinity of Messiah. It is a very important passage confirming that Yeshua is G-d. 

v7: Who can proclaim as I do: One of the things that’s unique about G-d (something that only He can do) is that He only has to speak, and things become a reality (Genesis 1).

  • Appointed: Placed: Brought into existence
  • Ancient (eternal) people: A Kingdom people. Isaiah is speaking here of a remnant of the Jewish people. 
  • The things that are coming: These are yet future things which are coming. They are going to bring about a massive change in Israel and in the world. 
  • Let them show (declare) these to them: What G-d has said, what has been prophesied, is going to become a reality. What G-d says (“let there be light “etc.) will happen (“and there was”). This coming change which has been prophesied about is no different. It is going to happen. 

v8: Have I not told you from that time: This is not new revelation. The promises that G-d made to Israel didn’t originate in Isaiah’s day. These promises go all the way back to Abraham. Throughout Jewish history G-d has proclaimed His promises to His people.  

  • You are My witnesses: G-d (like He has used many ‘grafted-in’ Gentiles over the past 2000 years) is going to use Israel to be His witnesses – proclaimers of the truth, proclaimers of the revelation of G-d.
  • Is there a G-d besides me: G-d is uniting His uniqueness (that He’s the only G-d) with the fact that He has a unique call upon Israel – a call that only they can fulfil. 
  • No other Rock: Most scholars, both Christian and Rabbinical, see this Rock as speaking about Messiah – the Rock of Israel. In the desert the people drank water from this Rock (Ex 17:1-7). 

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