The Book of Isaiah Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 5

Our last reading in Isaiah 5 is verse 24-30

v24: Root: Foundation.

  • Rottenness: Utter decay. Governmental corruption led to spiritual decay. Spiritual decay was the basis for judgment. 
  • Rejected …despised (blasphemed): These words in Hebrew mean more than just rejecting or saying no to something. It is a word that carries loathing, despising, repulsion etc. 
  • The law…the word: This was their biggest problem. They were repulsed by the word/law of G-d. This loathing of the law of G-d will be one of the characteristics of the antichrist. He will be a man of lawlessness – against or opposed to the law/word of G-d (2 Thess 2:3-12). 

v25: Hills: Prophetically mountains/hills are governments or seats of authority. All of this shows that when G-d pours out His judgment on Israel it will have a ripple effect throughout the world. When Israel is blessed, it has a blessed effect on the nations. When Israel is punished it has an adverse outcome on all the nations of the world.

  • His anger is not turned away…His hand stretched out still: G-d is going to pour out a harsh judgment in the last days. G-d is going to use the antichrist empire (just like He used Babylon) to bring this judgment upon His people (Israel). 

Note: Words that are written in italics in the NKJV are words that have been added into the text in order to make the text more fluid and less choppy. Be aware that sometimes these words obscure the original meaning of a verse. 

v26: He will lift up a banner to the nations from afar: This is one of the verses that alludes to G-d using other nations to bring judgment against His people. Although the Babylonians executed judgment shortly after Isaiah’s time, it will be the antichrist empire that brings it about in the last days (Zech 14:1-2, Luke 21:20). 

v27: Stumble: None of them will fail. 

  • Nor will the belt on their loins be loosed: They will not need to take a break or relax. This enemy is going to keep going harshly and continuously for an extended period of time. Nothing will interfere with this judgment until it comes to an end. 

v28: Sharp… bent: Their weapons are well prepared and are ready to fire. 

  • Flint: The horses’ hooves are hard. They will not need to exchange horses or reshoe their horses as these hooves are going to endure throughout this period.
  • Their wheels like a whirlwind: Their judgment is going to come swiftly, with very little warning. 

v29: Young lions: Powerful and glorious lions. 

  • No one will deliver: Israel is going to be alone until the proper amount of judgment, that G-d is going to allow, is completed. Before that allotted time is up no one will be able to deliver or save Israel. 

v30: In that day: Referring to the day of Judgment. 

  • Roar against them like the roaring of the sea: Israel’s enemies are going to seek to intimidate them. 
  • Darkness: This darkness is oppressive. Darkness brings pressure or stress (Ex 10:21-23). 
  • The light is darkened by the clouds: This is a major change that happens. It is a change that is physical, it is visible. 

Note: We need to remember that judgment brings about a righteous outcome. Israel will only understand the consequence of her sin through judgment. It is only after she understands that she is sinful that she can repent and begin looking for Messiah – her salvation. 

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