The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 10 Part 1

Daniel 10:1-13

One thing about Daniel is sure: His life was dependent on prayer. The only way to overcome in spiritual battles (to be found faithful, strong and obedient to the Word of G-d) is through prayer (Eph 6:12, v18). Daniel understood this.

v1: Daniel received a word about (and was given insight into) a great/large army – a spiritual army that fights in the heavenly realms (this is not clearly seen in the NKJV – see

v2: 3weeks here is speaking of 3×7 days (21 days) and not years. There is a Jewish tradition where there is a 3-week mourning and fasting period (The fast of Tammuz) which commemorates the destruction of the temple. Daniel could have been fasting in regard to a commemorative period like this one. See also Zech 8:19.

v4: This first month is a month of redemption because Passover takes place during it.

· The 24th day of this month = ten days after Passover.

· River: See commentary for 8:2

v5 “I lifted my eyes” – reference to prayer. Daniel is again going to receive angelic revelation from G-d on account of his prayer.

· Clothed in linen: The implication (due to the word used here) is that this was white linen.

v6 This is not someone like us. He is a heavenly/angelic being.

· Beryl – a shiny and beautiful rock/crystal.

v7 A very similar description to Saul’s encounter on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:7)

v8 We cannot rely on our own strength to get us through things. Our own strength fails us in the times we need it most. It is only with the L-rds power that we can be strong (Eph 6:10) we need to prepare ourselves spiritually for difficult times, old age etcso that when our physical strength fails us our spiritual strength remains.

v9: Daniel couldn’t stay awake – he was overcome by this revelation. If we are unable to handle the little (the vision, the words, the revelation) we will certainly not be able to handle the big/much (when the vision, words, etc become reality). We need to spiritually prepare ourselves for what is to come.

v10 Daniel is awake but still doesn’t have the strength to stand up. He no longer has his face on the ground but is on his hands and knees.

v11: The angel affirms Daniel (a picture of Israel in the last days) and tells him that he needs to stand (as there is something that he needs to do), to be alert (Eph 6:14-18)

v12 Fear not – especially in difficult times. When everyone is panicking, fleeing, unsure etc in the last days we can walk in assurance, speak truth and understand what is going on if we live in prayerful obedience to the Word.

· From the first day…your words were heard: Because of satanic opposition, the answer (angel) didn’t arrive immediately to Daniel. Don’t be discouraged when answers to prayer take time. When we have set our hearts to understand and humbled ourselves before G-d He will hear us when we pray (2 Chronicles 7:13-16)

v13: 21 days: The response to Daniel’s prayer was not immediate.

· Prince of the kingdom of Persia: This is a reference to satan, a powerful demon or a fallen angel. Supernatural opposition.

· Michael is called one of the chief (main) princes (angels) of G-d.

Note: There was a spiritual battle going on in the heavenlies based upon the fact that Daniel was seeking G-dly insight from the prophecy that was given to him. Daniel was wise and humble

enough to know that in order to understand this prophecy and to apply it to his life, properly, he needed to be in prayer. If we are not praying about the last days, praying against the opposition, we will not be able to walk in obedience and we will not mature (and nor will we receive angelic assistance – see 9:23. One of the reasons G-d created angels is because there’s a great need for their ministry to humanity)

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