The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 2

We go onto Daniel 11:5-14

The difference between the real Christ and the antichrist is that the real Messiah does His Father’s will – He lives a sacrificial life of obedience. The false messiah, on the other hand, is driven by the desires of his flesh.

In Matthew 24 (v6-8) Yeshua taught His disciples that at the end there would be a time of great instability – wars and rumors of war, famines, earthquakes, pestilence (Luke 21:8-19). When the antichrist and his empire rise up it will not be a cookie cutter neat transition but, from what we

read, it appears that it will be a confusing tumultuous time. We do not need to fear but can be encouraged by Luke 21:28. With this in mind we can tackle today’s reading:

v5 This verse foreshadows a unique and mighty king that is going to rise up.

· This chapter reveals to us that there are going to be two kingdoms constantly at war with each other (the kings of the north and the south). Israel is always right in the middle of these battles. In this verse we see that it is the king of the south who has a very strong government.

· ‘One of his princes’ – a cabinet official, one of the main leaders of the kingdom.

v6: The phrase that starts off this verse (‘at the end of some years’) has end time connotations in Hebrews i.e. can be translated ‘at the end of years’ (last days, end times)

· The kingdom of the south (seen as below Israel, Africa somewhere) will make an agreement/covenant (a human attempt to make peace)with the kingdom of the north (seen as a kingdom above Israel).

· ‘She shall not retain the power of her authority’ – she will not be able to stop the power/armies of the north.

· ‘She shall be given up’ – she will be rejected as well as those, in the south, around her. The king of the north doesn’t need this marriage (this treaty). He feels comfortable and powerful enough to go it alone.

v7: A new leader will rise up in the south. He will win this round of battle (it is like a table tennis tournament with the ball constantly going from north to south etc. )This causes great instability in these regions.

v8: This new king of the south plunders the north and for a time there is peace. (Many scholars think that when Egypt is referenced it refers to Northern Africa, as its boundaries and rule were a lot greater than the Egypt we know today)

v9: Once more, another conflict takes places between these two kings – north and south.

v10: A new generation in the North will keep pushing the boundaries of the southern kingdom.

· Overwhelm and pass through – these are words that are reminiscent of the flood.

· The north will gain the upper hand in this conflict.

v11: This will enrage (fill with intense hatred) the south, and armies will again be assembled to push back at the north.

· The King of the north will again ‘raise a multitude’ but despite this they will be given into the hands of the south again.

v12: The army of the south stands down and the leader becomes very powerful for a short time. (Victory seems to cause them to become weaker rather than stronger. None of these kingdoms can keep it together for too long)

v13: The King of the north raises up a second massive army with great supplies.

· We have this end time phrase again – ‘at the end of some years’. These wars and rumors of war check the boxes for what Yeshua taught in Matt 24 and Luke 21. It is also in agreement with the prophets who taught that numerous battles and conflicts were going to take place at the end – with Israel stuck in the middle of it all.

v14: ‘In those times’ – end days again being emphasized.

· ‘Violent men of (the Jews)’ – They want to burst through the restrictions that G-d has set in order to try to make a plan to fulfill prophecy, to make it happen in their own time. They are going to fail.

Note: Because of a lack of faith in G-d Israel wanted to make alliances with Egypt or the peoples around them. They were constantly turning to Egypt for security etc. in order that their kingdom (of Israel) might be established. We know, however, that the kingdom of G-d is not going to be established because of assistance from Egypt. Israel needs to trust G-d and no one else. This is the message for all of us as well.

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