The Book of Daniel Bible Study Chapter 11 Part 3

On to Daniel 11:15-23

v15 Another victory to the North. These victories, however, never last for a very long period of time, as these kings were never quite able to firmly establish themselves.

v16: There is going to be one that comes from the North, before whom no one can stand – he will have absolute power. This victory will encourage this leader to set his eyes toward Israel (the glorious land) with the intent to destroy her (the intention of the antichrist will be to try to destroy the plans and purposes of G-d)

v17 He will advance with great aggression/strength and is going to want to force a covenant (‘upright ones’ can also be translated ‘equitable terms’) with Israel. It is not going to be successful. Israel rejects this covenant with the king of the north (“She shall not stand with him”). This rejection is going to give rise to “Jacob’s trouble”.

v18: In his anger of being rejected this type of antichrist is going to expand his kingdom in order to demonstrate how powerful he is. Someone under his command is going to stop him from doing this.

v19: He has suffered defeat (from within), so he turns around to go home and in so doing he fades out of the picture. He can be seen as a kind of forerunner of the antichrist (all of this is setting the stage for the final showdown).

v20: Another northern leader rises up in his place, imposing taxes in order to gain finance for his kingdom. He is an unsuccessful leader.

v21: Now a very significant leader rises us in the northern kingdom. He is a very bad individual. Vile = he despises the things of G-d.

· They will not give the honour of royalty – he is not going to establish what he wants to.

· He rises up in a time of peace.

· Intrigue – Flattery – slippery speech, deceit, a kingdom based on lies.

v22: He is very strong militarily and forces many people to submit to his leadership. It is at this time that the prince of the covenant is manifested (read it in conjunction with v23).

v23: This whole kingdom is based on deception. Fake news

· Two things are happening here: the prince of the covenant is going to be revealed and secondly a confederacy of other countries joins his empire.

· A way to interpret this ‘become strong with (toward) a small people/nation’ is that he strong arms a small nation (Israel, because of context).

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